how to remove hard water stains?

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  1. I have some nasty looking water stains on one of my tubes from using alot of ice cubes in the past, I bought some white vinnegar the other day and shook the bong up several times but it didn't seem to remove any of them. Is there any other way to remove the stains or are they now permanent?
  2. I found grunge off super soaker got rid of all my water stains, as well as any rez that might have built up.

    Give it a try.
  3. CLR would do it i bet
  4. I have Grunge Off and it works great for removing resin but it didn't do anything for the water stains, I might have to try CLR but would that stuff remove the artwork on say the top of a worked Toro perc?
  5. Use citric acid. It is a powder found in supermarkets near the baking soda and shit like that. Mix it up strong in hot water, until no more will dissolve, then soak your glass in it overnight. I use it to descale my espresso machine, it is food safe and completely non-toxic. CLR will work but it is a mixture of industrial chemicals that i would not want near a smoking device. It is cheap as shit as well.
  6. protect sensitive areas and you should be fine
  7. saran wrap maybe, glad press and stick, even duct tape
  8. thanks for the suggestion, the tube i'm having problems with isn't even the Toro I was just curious about it in the near future, it would probably be difficult to place a protective thing on it since its inside the bottom of the tube though...
  9. White vinegar works wonders, so does WD-40 believe it or not.
  10. I figured white vinnegar would work since a few people in the past suggested it but it didn't do anything for it, never heard of using WD-40 though

  11. listen or die... +rep stay healthy
  12. I use chemical guys water spot remover (I use it on my car cuz san diego water is really hard)

    Chemical Guys Water Spot Remover - Detailed Image

    really concentrated stuff so you can dilute it with tons of water and make a solution to rinse the pieces in

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