How to remove gunky resin?

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  1. I just cleaned my bowl and it looks pretty good but there is some really sticky gunky resin that won't come out.

    Exhibit A.



    it looks shiny but there's still lots of build up in the front.

    Anyone know of any techniques or secret tricks to get it crystal clear and remove all that heavy build up?
  2. Iso and salt. Shake it in a bag a lot then let it sit for like a day. Shake it again and it should be good.
  3. I let it sit in iso and hot water in a ziplock for like 2 hours.
  4. You need the salt.
  5. ...Doesn't work for super gunked resin not trying to spark arguement but I had a bowl sit in iso/salt for 3 days with shaking for 10 minutes....99% ISO and salt.
  6. [quote name='"detailed one"']
    ...Doesn't work for super gunked resin not trying to spark arguement but I had a bowl sit in iso/salt for 3 days with shaking for 10 minutes....99% ISO and salt.[/quote]

    Hmmm has always worked for me. This may sound weird but try acetone. It works great. But just make sure to clean it out really really really good.
  7. I feel like i just need a really long q tip. I could scoop it right out with that
  8. I've used Goo Gone and Murphy Oil Soap, along with long pipe cleaners. The oil-based stuff works really well, and I get my glass very clean. Just be sure to wash everything (your hands too) with soap and water and rinse well. If you're sensitive to chemicals, wear gloves and have good ventilation.
  9. I would never use murphy's lol but thats just me

    iso and salt and a tool to loosen the resin

    let it it in iso and salt overnite and loosen as necessary

    iso and salt repeat
  10. Hes right! you need the salt. And it WILL work for super gunked resin like that :rolleyes:

    I use alcohol and Epsom salt (available cheaply at any Walgreen) for all my pieces and for my spoon that is very similar to yours. The trick is getting some salt inside the spoon and shake violently after soaking for about 15 minutes in alcohol.. The salt acts as a scrubber of sorts on the inside and is vital for squeaky clean pieces.

    Hope this helped so you get that baby all clear and purdy so you re-color her! :smoke:
  11. Alright just going to say it: Everyone's experiences with salt and iso are different. Sometimes it has worked wonders for me, other times it didn't. Personally when it's that sticky shit get a pack of 100 bobby pins (stronger than paperclip metal) and scrape the crap out of it.
  12. Do the whole iso and salt thing again and then try boiling it if you can. But be sure to expose your piece to changing temperatures slowly to avoid breaking it.
  13. I just cleaned totally gunked up glass and screens in less than 5 minutes. Done.
    GOO GONE. Try it, you might like it!
  14. Just get a paperclip, and bend it so it'll curve through the carb and around the bowl. Run it under really hot water (as hot as you can stand!), and keep scraping the hot resin. The salt and iso always work for me, but sometimes, you don't have salt or iso on hand. This is my backup, and it works pretty good.
  15. My whole pipe looked liked that before I cleaned it. Poured some table salt in a baggy followed up with a good amount of isopropyl alcohol and tossed the pipe in it. I got the pipe to fill up with the mixture and just shook away. I'd take it out now and then and run HOT water through it while also using the ink tube from a pen to constantly agitate the resin and break it up. It took some elbow grease and effort but it WILL clean it.


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