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How to remove chlorine from tap water?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by 3Deez, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Got a reverse osmosis system getting put in a in a few days. It will be one for the whole house so my plants will benefit also. Meanwhile, I need to find affective ways to remove chlorine from the tap water. I know that leaving the water sitting for a day or so will allow some chlorine to dissipate but what other ways are there to make it happen safely for plants?
  2. letting the water sit out for 24 hours is a safe and effective way to remove the chlorine... its just a hassle... some have tested their water straight from the tap and have found that they didn't even need to let the water sit... but thats a trial and error kinda deal

    Hydro Logic Stealth RO 100 - Customized Reverse Osmosis Filter Hydro Logic Stealth RO 100 - Customized Reverse Osmosis Filter

    this removes the chlorine... good review and 100 gallons a day... they also have a 200 gallon a day deal

    the reason I would suggest this sort of setup... its never a bad idea to have a backup for your backup... so doubling up on clean water is just a great idea...

    I have super duper hard water, over 450 ppm from the tap... and I cant install a soft water system until i run a separate water line for my A/C(water cooled A/C) its a super experimental a/c company that went outa business... but If i use salt water it will fowl up the whole unit... that's five thousand bucks(5 ton unit) so I smoke threw filters pretty quickly... towards the end of my last micro run I noticed my plant was have a super hard time... come to find out my R.O. filters were so dirty it was just as bad as tap... I should have known better and should have keep a better eye on my PPM levels..... but i got lazy, having the two units would have saved me....

    that being said, there are cheaper R.O. units on the market... but I don't know their life span or if they remove the chlorine... but im sure you could call the company if you wanted to check... lemme know if you want something cheaper.. shoot me a PM to lemme know, good luck
  3. Thanks for coming through again Speed! I have an RO system that I have been looking at for under sink installation for the house. I'll do the price comparisons. I had a water softener also but it broke one time too many...
  4. Chlorine(CL) reacts with air to create chlorine gas(CL2)

    An air stone in the bottom of a bucket of tap water may help remove chlorine much faster than just letting water sit out. But I haven't tested this, just sounds right in theory.
  5. yea, air stone
  6. Chlorine will be removed by the RO system.
  7. I don't grow but I have a R.O. in my basement with a 10 gal drum, it only takes up about 3 cubic feet but its water with 2-3 ppm consistently, i love them.

    this isn't really a helpful post, i just wanted to express my love of R.O.
  8. Thanks for the input everyone. I got a bucket of of water sitting. I'll throw an airstone in it right now. Hopefully, I will have an RO by weeks end.
  9. I use the drops for aquarium use. 1 drop/gallon removes both chlorine and chloramines and tropical fish are way more sensitive than any mj plant.

    BTW, chloramines will not evaporate out of water like chlorine. Depends if your water system uses it or not.

    RO by itself will not remove chlorine or chloramines. It requires a special, extra filter that is usually purchased separately.

  10. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure anything over a few PPMs chlorine in the water is above the limit...

    http:[email protected][email protected]/documents/webcontent/01_013138.pdf (page 2 has a chart)

    Translation: EPA says below 4ppm there is no risk to human health. Seattle has an average of 0.84 PPM chlorine.

    This basically says the EPA limits chlorine levels to 4 PPM.... which is why I've always found the whole "leave your water out for a day" argument to be forum garbage...

    In theory I guess this might be important to organic growers, but I doubt a few stray chlorine molecules will do much damage on a thriving organic ecosystem.
  11. Which brand do you use? and how long have you tested it with your plants?
  12. i was always told water sitting out can get stagnate and get bacteria? i dunno how true or what the pros and cons are but its worth looking into i think. just dont want u giving your babies bad water thinking its doing good for them..
  13. Yeah, I know what you mean. The water doesnt sit in the bucket for very long though and when it is, I have an aerator going. Once its good, I bottle it. So far its been pretty good. I transplanted my girls last week and the roots were nice and white.

  14. What I have now is AZOO, ut they are all pretty much the same.

    Been using the Azoo about 3 years, but others, like AmQuell for much longer.


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