How to remove all THC and psychoactive properties in a weed

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Helpmefixthis, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Hi I need to remove all of the THC in my buds and have a pure bud with nothing on it how can I do it?
    Does olive oil work?
    What should I do
  2. The last thing you would want to do is extract the thc out with butter/oil and attempt to smoke the weed if that's what you mean...

    Buy you some CBD strain seeds lol... you could try getting some ABV (already been vaped) as it should have most of the THC out and just have mainly the more couch lock properties left in it... however it'll be brown and kinda toasty nothing like smoking a bowl of good weed...

    Grow journal
  3. Try amazon they sell cbd weed on there technicaly its hemp but says cbd
  4. Why?
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  5. Now why would you go and do that?

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