How to remedy this deficiency?

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    I believe i have sulfur deficiency as well as mg deficiency, so i bought epsom salts to try to help her but instead she got a but of calcium deficiency because i added to much with calmag as well at the same time.





    Her lower leaves are slowly yellowing from the inside of the leaf and then the tips curl upwards and inwards to the leaf.

    Some middle leaves have some lightness in between veins. (You can see the yellowing from the middle in the lower left and you can see the lightening in the middle leaf to the right lower left leaf)


    Here is the calmag deficiency that ive hopefully corrected now.
    Container: ~2gal tub or tote
    Medium: coco coir and perlite hempy bucket
    Feeding ph: 5.5-5.9
    Nutrients: Foxfarm grow big, tiger bloom, GH calmag

    Between 4-6 weeks of flowering. I had a light leak and so it took almost 4 weeks for her to show as much growth as my last grow in its first 2 weeks.

    I cannot afford any more of this shenanigans of trying something to fix her. Previously i have:

    -Flushed in suspect of salt buildup, started back on half nutes
    -Fed three times with small additions of epsom salt until i realized i was adding too much because i still had calmag in there too, so the calcium was locked out for a few days from too much mg.[​IMG]

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