How to relieve sinus pressure?

Discussion in 'General' started by bahookahjoe18, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Oh Blades, I feel so rough.

    I've got a cold, and it's mostly gone now except for this awful sinus pressure right between my eyes. It hurts to put my head down, cough, talk, walk.

    Any tips on naturally relieving it? I've been doing some acupressure points, but they're not doing the job. I've flushed my nasal cavities, but still no luck.

  2. Hahahaha do you have a netti pot man??????? They work wonders, but sometimes dont always cut it

    Or you could try doing the make shift steam tent... where you get a towel/blanket big enough to sit under, and place a large pot of steaming water in side it with you and just steam box it and bask in the awesome of the steam
  3. Yeah man, I've been doing the netti, but it won't get up as far as I need it to.

    Last night I boiled some onions and garlic and inhaled the steam of that for about five minutes, but it just made my nose runny.
  4. boil water in a pot, throw in some vicks vaporub, and inhale that good shit lol
  5. I'll try that. I've got this stuff called Tiger Balm which is essentially the same as Vix.

    Does anyone want to donate a humidifier?
  6. shots shots shots shots of Robitussin
  7. I don't use store medicine.

    No ganja to bake, and I don't want to hurt my throat anyway.

    ...but if I had some weed I'd probably smoke it...
  8. actually does help with sinus pressure haha

    just use some nasal spray and wait it out man, you'll live

  9. This or eucalyptus oil works really well.
  10. try pressing the very top of the bridge of your nose and tap your tongue off the top of your mouth.. hahah i know it sounds stupid but I read it somewhere on stumbleupon and it`s worked for me before. It`s worth a try.. takes only a second
  11. I thought that was a cure for a brain freeze lol

    I heard if you apply pressure between your eye brows it can relieve the pressure.
  12. netti pot
    and steriods

    a mix of old and new

  13. :eek:

    I don't get it at all... but I think this worked....
  14. I run my fingers pushing hard against my sinuses (lacrimal, maxillary, and frontal sinuses if I remember them correctly) but if you run your fingers from your nose and follow your sinuses by pushing against them with a decent amount of force you can clear your sinuses a bit. There are also sinuses by your eye brows, forcibly draining them feels good :)

  15. Tell me more.
  16. [quote name='"bahookahjoe18"']

    Tell me more.[/quote]

    Damn ahaha I'm on my iPod. I'm sick as balls too so ive been doing the same tricks. Pushing up on your occipital bone (bone that sticks out behind your ear). So basically you stick you thumbs about a cm towards your skull under that bone protrusion and then push upward on both sides, very relaxing and sinuses relieving. Also massaging your temples :3

  17. Well dude, for about half an hour last night I just pressed hard on my eyebrows and ran my fingers down the length of my face, tracing down the sides of my nose and then under my cheekbones. After so long I noticed a decent improvement. Thanks for the advice.

    Thanks to everyone else for their advice as well. I don't feel nearly as bad as I did yesterday.

    :hello:Love GrassCity
  18. this is wierd grasscity always has such similar ailments to me , when im thinking about something i always find a thread about it even if its a really specific wierd thing ,
  19. Yeah right, my sinuses are absolutely shitty today.

    Checked new posts...WHA LA

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