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How to rehydrate my buds?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by HUBSonDUBS, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Im curing my buds right now I have them in mason jars and once a day let them out for about 20 mins. This is making my bud very dry tho, what am i doing wrong.
  2. The plant is dead, and wants to dry up, what do you expect ? Dry bud is good!! I dry mine out so its bone dry, better smoke if you ask me!
  3. you can add a slice of patato, or lettus, in the jars. this will help it from getting to dry, & wont effect the weed. i got a post here, search it "got dry bud"
  4. A fresh leaf from a live plant thrown into a jar of dry bud for couple of hours will rehydrate them nicely. Lettuce works and so does orange peel. I prefer the fresh leaf method when a fresh leaf is available. Dry keeps the bud from molding and I personally prefer a little moisture. This helps the taste, aroma and the high.

    Look at tobacco. It is dry but has a moist feel to it. If a package of cigarettes gets too old and dries out completely it affects the taste. Humidors are used with cigars to keep them at the proper humidity for the maximum taste and smoking pleasure.
  5. don't use something that alive to rehydrate, it'll rot
    just use a sponge with water on it
  6. I haven't had the chance to worry about bud I'm curing becoming too dry.
    LOL, I'm days away from my first harvest, so maybe I'll find out, but what I do for bud that I'm smoking and feel has become too dry is put a wedge of apple in the bag, overnight.
    Just make sure that it doesn't come in contact with your bud and take it out in the morning, unless you feel a few more hours would help.
    I believe that bud can become so dry that it burns too quickly, actually wasting the weed.
  7. Bullshit!!! Put a fresh orange peel in your curing jar for 2 hours period, this should be enough to rehydrate your plant and as a added bonus you get s slightly citrus oder.
  8. Nothing is going to rot in just a couple of hours. Maybe if you put a piece of fish in it. LOL Even that might smell bad in a couple of hours but wont rot.

    Whatever you do, just rehydrate a little at a time or you will be right back where you started before drying and curing it, a high chance of it molding. Anything with moisture in it will work. I still say a MJ leaf works best. I have done this many times and it worked great. I have also used orange peel. It worked ok, not as good as a leaf and more prone to mildew. Lettuce is a great leaf to use in MJ isn't available. That is my 2nd choice after MJ leaf.
  9. i dont know if you can rehydrate them at that stage but what you can do is throw a slice of bread in thier and it will absorb alot, orange peel works good aswell but make sure you change it after 8 hours or so.

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