How to recover from BEING EXPOSED

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  1. I was sitting on this porch just chillin with some neighbors. All the sudden, i keep feeling a vibration at my zipper. I threw my pants off and ran into this dude's house without my pants off, and take off my undergarments in the bathroom. Now it feels awkward whenever i see the dudes that were there. How would you handle this type of situation?

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  3. haven't seen you in a while OP
  4. It's only awkward if you suck penises
  5. How big is it?
  6. learn to live with it being awkward cus that isnt changing
  7. Don't sweat it. Next time you see them, be like "I kept getting this feeling, it bugged me out, so I that's why I took my pants off" They'll probably laugh and all should be good. If they don't wanna kick with you anymore, then, forget them. You don't need people like that around you anyway
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  8. Been awhile OP
  9. Just treat him to late night Burger King next time you see him


  10. Says you.

  11. Did you let him touch it? If not, that's probably really awkward for him and not very neighborly of you.

  12. They have to cum though. If they don't cum, it's not awkward.
  13. Buy an oz and smoke the whole thing with them and then treat them to BK at 3am and they'll forget anything ever happened.

  14. Ahh its just pants. Who hasnt lost their trousers due to a great night! Im not even wearing pants now.
  15. Where have you been op?

    That's normal up here. Especially on the weekends.

  16. What was the vibration?

    Your cell phone?

    Trouser bee?
  17. Im so sorry about the other day i thought there was bee in my jeans and im deadly allergic lol

    hanger xoxo
  18. Oh man, this is going straight to /r/grasscitysays, it's just so tasty and epic.

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