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How to Recognize Poor Quality Weed

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by jcj77d, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Introduction

    Have you ever waited all week for the weekend to arrive only to find out your dealer sold you poor quality weed? These steps can help you tell the difference between "dirt weed" and "kind bud."

    Difficulty: Easy

    Step One

    Smell the weed before buying. If the weed smells grassy, it's probably bad and you should hand it back.

    Step Two

    Make sure the weed is dry and sticky. Wet weed has to dry before it can be smoked and you end up actually buying less than you thought, since about 70 percent of wet weed is water.

    Step Three

    Examine the weed closely. It should be free of stems and seeds. Also look for red or bronze hairs. The hairs mean the plant is female and therefore more potent. The color indicates the plant was picked at the proper time.

    Step Four

    Test a sample of the weed and see if the high you get is the high you want. A reputable dealer won't mind giving you a sample of the product. If he refuses, then he can't be trusted and you should take your business elsewhere.

    Tips & Warnings

    • <LI class=lstTip>When asking for a sample, make sure the sample comes from the pile of weed you are purchasing. Don't accept pre-rolled samples as they may be of a different quality than the type you are buying.
    • Remove all seeds before smoking. Seeds make a loud pop when lit. This is a sign to most seasoned smokers that you are a newbie

  2. Good thread !!
  3. Great guide but I'm afraid you have posted in the wrong section, this is the Growing section.

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