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How to recognize good weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by John Lennon, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. How to? Before smoking and while smoking?
  2. you can't, simple as that sorry
    unless you can test the thc%
  3. You regonize good weed by smokin it plain and simple.
  4. Before: Generally will have plenty of trichomes (the tiny white crystals) all over it. More trichomes = more THC = better weed. Tends to be buddy rather than leafy. Usually the better it is the stronger and "sweeter" it will smell. Should be a bit fluffy, but not crumbly, and definitely not caked. Greenness rather than brownness also indicates better weed.

    During: Smooth hits. Good even burning. And how high you get, of course.
  5. If u gotta ask this question then it ain't good.
  6. For the most part this is true, I've had weed that looked and smelled dank but wasn't that strong
  7. Yeah, that can happen. You'll never really know until you smoke it, but you can get a decent idea using the stuff I posted.
  8. yeah, and for the most part people will rip you on weight before they rip you with bad weeed that looks good
  9. Looks very clean, not brownish or dirty. Should be pretty dense and have nice orange hairs. Give it a good sniff it will taste the same as it smells. When you bend it and break it open it should be a nice shade of green and look sort of caked with trichromes. It should not be moist or damp at all. It should be sticky and if you put it in a jar the walls of the jar should have keif residue on them. When you spark the bowl it should slowly burn down to a black ash, sometimes white. It should not sparkle or crackle at all.

    When you buy the bud it should be in nug form with little to no shake or stems. NO SEEDS.

    As you become more experienced you will be able to identitify good weed very easily. Good luck bro !
  10. youll know when you get it lol.
  11. Not if you don't know how to identify good weed... :rolleyes:
  12. i mean not immediately when he gets it i mean once he smokes a bowl and knows what the shit is like, and then he'll probably just learn how to identify it. thats what me, and probably everyone else did.
  13. Oh. By get it I thought you meant when you acquire it. Misunderstanding :eek:
  14. Good weed can be recognized by the smell, if it smells horrendously then you got yourself some dank. Good weed is covered in trichomes, it should glitter when you shine light on it. Good weed has any density but I prefer my buds not dense enough so I can't finger bust them. Good weed leaves a nice taste in your mouth that will linger after a hit, in my experience the harsher the smoke the more potent the bud was. Good weed is mostly bud and has little to no stems or seeds, don't be surprised if you find them in your dank. Good weed should have lots of crystals separate from the actual plant matter when you bust it up, good weed will also bust up to a good amount. Good weed will stay light in a joint, god I can go forever. Good weed this, good weed that... :smoke:
  15. Good weed will always have the little crystals or 'trichromes', orange hairs are good, it should be more bud than leaf for sure. If it is BROWN at all, it's not good, Brown is unacceptable. It should have a strong smell (for example: one time I had a bag of weed under my mattress, and every time somebody sat on the mattress, the smell came up) it should definitely be sticky (some rappers refer to it as sticky icky). The greener the better— with the exception of a dark green or purple.

    Hope I helped.
  16. Some strains will effect people differently. I've had stuff that I thought was OK and did the job, but others thought the same thing I smoked was absolutely fucking amazing.

    In general, what everyone else is saying: Trichomes, green, good appearance, etc.
  17. Smell. As simple as that.

  18. id have to agree because i think there is a direct correlation between the strength of smell and potency.

    as long as its green and doesnt have mold on it, go off smell
  19. when you find yourself in your backyard thinking about how awesome cowboys are.

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