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  1. Hey guys I started a DWC pilot project and am neer the end of the transition week between veg and bloom.

    Now what I've noticed compared to the other plants I've done ( all same strain through clones) is that the DWC seems to be too full of water. I'll pick a leaf off and it will have water pressure behind it and the plant has a general moist feel to it. Making the plant more tender and succulent compared to the clones in soil. Leading me to think that my nutes are to low for what it wants. But yet the sun leaf stems aren't there usual purple but rather green.

    As well it's transitioning phase, it's stretching like a mofo. But as to its soil counterparts has no visible sex parts yet.

    So do DWC plants normally grow like I've been saying or do I have a problem with my setup that's cussing extra water take up and the stems to go green instead of purple
  2. If you have stretching, I'd look at your lights. What are you running, how far from plants, etc?
  3. it's under a cob powered to 55watts not the best lighting but eventually there will be more. total in the tent 4x4 is 620w 400 of that hps.

    and she has stretched about 6" inches and I think this would be her 6th transition day.
  4. 600 watts in a 4x4 should be good. Just did that for 9 ounces with 2 plants in dwc.
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  5. If you're plants are otherwise looking good, then I wouldn't worry about it. I grow DWC and coco and I don't know that I notice that type of difference, but I can't speak for soil. But it isn't your nute strength doing that.

    - When you have the nute strength just right, your ppm's will stay steady and the rez level drops. This means that it's taking up water and nutes and the same ratios - and it's happy.
    - PPM's rising - means that it's using more water than nutes, and the ppm's want to be lower than it was.
    - PPM's dropping - means that it's using more nutes than water and the PPM's want to be higher than it was.

    But cell pressure from water - turgidity - is a good thing.
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  6. 9ozs dry?
    9 ozs dry?
  7. Yeah - if it has stretched 6" within the first 6 days after flipping then I'd say that it was caused by insufficient light. The bloom stretch phase happens over the first 3 weeks - by the 6th day is when you should START really noticing it. Usually it takes a week of 12/12 for it to start behaving like it's going to flower. 2nd week flowers are more prominent and bloom stretch is started.
  8. Well, yeah. Only dry weights matter.
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  9. If veg'd long enough you should be able to get a pound+ off of it. It just varies...

    Grow journal
  10. I've got 2 plants going right now. One in a DWC bucket and one in Foxfarm. I have a 450w viparspectrum led. Man, I'm hoping to get a QP. I couldn't imagine 9ozs!
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  11. IF you do a good enough job you could eventually hit 200 grams 1gpw... but with trail and error the first couple grows a QP is an easily obtainable goal you'll probably get a bit more... I plan on hitting a QP off of a single plant that spent half its flowering under 1 mars 300 and the other half it's going to be under two as my other plant finished. More than welcomed to follow my grow.. if I do manage to hit my goal for this plant it'd give you an idea of what size the plant needs to be.
  12. Pot size (for soil & coco), veg time and lights - those are the first factors to really get big yields. Then all of the other tricks, nutes, additives, technique... But if you're looking for big yields, start by maximizing those things.

    Here are 3 THC Bomb that were vegged about 8 weeks - it's just past the 3rd week of flower now. I had ordered Autoflower seeds, but after 8 weeks in 18/6 without flowing, I came to the conclusion that I got photoperiod and moved them to the flower room. The clones from them are also still not flowering in 18/6 - so... I have 2, 600W Viparspectra and a 300W in the middle. So, 1500W over 3 plants. Yes, that's a lot, but they are taking it and loving it. These are in 5 gal coco on a drip - feeding 2x a day. I don't know what my yield will be - but I'm pretty optimistic. If I had the ceiling height I'd go with a 10 or even 20 gallon. I think I can still do a 10 gal smart pot next time.

    Sorry the colors are all banged up from the LED. I don't have a regular light in there and the flash doesn't cut through that.

    x 6.jpg x 2.jpg x 3.jpg x 4.jpg x 5.jpg
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  13. ya day 7 and not even a hair on her( other clones would of been hairy by now). although she has almost doubled her height and is drinking her fill. checked the reservoir today and the water had gone down 3-1/2" along with the ph rising from a 6.5 to a 5.8.

    been using full strength "optimum hydroponix" brand flower nutes, and enzyms along with full strength monster bloom.
  14. .


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  15. I find that the first week they are adjusting to the new light schedule and just gearing up to start making flowers. Usually by day 7 I see some small flowers starting - but it's not until the end of the 2nd week that it's really staring to flower.
  16. mmmmk ya this would be my third flower grow using the same plant( clone) all of the rest behaved just that much differently in the soil.

    do I have it right?

    to high a nutes and the ph rises. base
    to low a nutes and the ph lowers, acidic
    just right and the ph stays the same.

    so with that I have the nutes just a little high for it right now. as in the two days the ph went from 6.5 to 5.8 ,*ish, but it also lost about 3.5" of water level in those two days
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  17. Somewhere there's a troubleshooting chart for hydroponics with each scenario and what to do for it. For the life of me I can't find it.

    But - I've found that pH issues in DWC tend to be related to other issues that nutrient uptake. When everything working right, the pH stays steady even when the ppm's go up or down. pH issues usually indicate a different type of problem like root rot or source water quality issues.
    When your ppm's are going up, the solution is becoming more concentrated because the water is being pulled out of it faster than it's up taking nutrients. Meaning, it doesn't need as much nutes as there is. So, it needs the water replaced (ph'd first...) until the ppm level is lower than its was before.
    - When it's going down it's the opposite. It's eating up the nutes leaving only water. So, replace with fresh nutes plus a little bump up in concentration until your ppm is higher than before.

    You can't use pH as an indicator of the nutrients ppm strength
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  18. Okay,

    Ya I got to invest in a ph and ppm meter. As all I got are those drops for ph.
  19. For DWC it's a necessity
  20. i know I know it's coming next round when I do a full dwc implementation

    oh and day 9 and she just started to get tiny hairs.

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