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How to put out a joint and save it for another time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by skillzthatkillz, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Is there a correct way to put out a joint and save it for later?

    this may seem very simple but ive heard of different ways.

    should i press it down onto the ground until it goes out?
    should i just leave it until it goes out on its own? will it definitely go out on its own?
  2. We used to say "Dont roll it if you cant smoke it"

    I would gently put it out like I would a cig, but to tell you the truth I've never had to prematurely put out a blunt or a joint.
  3. i do this with roaches often.. Just grind the end in the ashtray. It'll go out easily
  4. get a cup of water and let the ash barely touch it:rolleyes:
  5. Get like a cigar tube or something similar, put the joiint in and because its air tight it will go out and stop it fromgetting squashed in a bag or glovebox or whatever.
  6. Just take it while its lit and knock the cherry out, down push down more like just touch the cherry to the ashtray wall and make the cherry fall out.
  7. spit on the ground and put it out lightly.
    or use your fingers....
  8. lightly hit the end of your joint on the ground and a chunk of ash with a few weed will fall off leaving you a clean end. Works really well with blunts cause its bigger, but it works just as fine with a joint.
  9. Flick the hot off, then it's out and ready to be re-lit.
  10. some girl I know just put them out on her tongue

  11. Please say you live in Michigan. I know a girl that does the same thing. She even does it with blunts, she's hardcore as fuck.
  12. cut it off with scissors or a knife.
  13. Lick your fingers and rip the cherry off, fucking simple.
  14. nah I live in new york the girl I know does this with blunts as well
  15. Put it out on your ballsac.
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  16. I let the roach go out then blow the ash off. Tear it open and smoke from a pipe.
  17. I use my tongue all the time for blunts. It doesn't hurt at all, you just spit a little ash out afterward.
  18. You can not hit it and it will go out in about 30 seconds and yes it will diffently go out. Just hold the lit end directly upwards or sit it in the ash tray.
  19. on bic lighters, the big ones. theres a little divot on the bottom of the lighter. just put it out using that. you would think, since there is fluid in the lighter, that it would combust. it doesnt.. i was shown this last night, and put out my roach. works great.. specially if u need to put out ure joint quick.

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