how to properly use micro nutes.

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  1. I have a few plants that had the red stems so i added some micro nutes. It got better but they are still a little red, on the fan leaves. On all of the shoots that will form the tops the new growth shows perfectly colored stems and under leaves. Do I need to up the micros until the fan leaf stems stop being red or is it okay that the shoots are the right color?

    I would posts pics but I do not have my camera.

    Thank you for any comments.:wave:
  2. shoots color is not usually a scientifically valid interpretation of plant health. If any one can post a citation to the contrary I would appreciate it. By the way, just a tip- if you have different questions, you don't need several threads for them. Just post all your questions at once....

  3. Okay, I'm still getting used to protocol. I didn't know if I should write a novel about a bunch of things or not. Next time i will do one.
  4. what is your growing medium, indoor ,outdoor, wattage of light. container, soil , organic? you get the picture . we need details to help you .
  5. Yes write your novel. If no one replies PM me and I can.

  6. FFOF/Happy Frog - 75%/25%, indoor with perlite and vermiculite, 400 watt switchable MH/HPS ballast and lamp. 2 gallon pots and 2 plants in 1 gallon pots. FFOF/happy frog 75/25 ratio with perlite and vermiculite, botanicare nutes or fox farm nutes (i have both), advanced earth micros, botanicare Berry Sweet.

    I'll put up pics when I get camera in 4 hours.
  7. start by reading the stickies on indoor growing

  8. stickies?
  9. the threads that are so universal that they are made "stickies" usually all the threads at the head of any forum
  10. can't get camera to send me my pics. gimme a minute

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