How to properly transplant?

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  1. I've been looking around for a tutorial or example of a proper way to transplant a plant, but can't find one.

  2. Here is what I do (hopefully others will post, since there is more than one way to do it)

    I mix all my soil together for the new pot

    I fill the new pot almost all the way up with FRESH/Mixed Soil (mix perlite or vermiculte with most soils)

    I water the plant in the old pot

    I use a butter knife (the dull side) and CAREFULLY circle the inside of the pot (to seperate soil from pot)

    I place one hand on top of the soil, with the stem of the plant between my points and middle finger (for support) and then I turn the pot upside down so that everything inside the pot comes out.

    I put the pot shaped extraction into the new pot, and fill any voids with fresh soil (i try to cover the top of the old soil with new soil, about 1/4 inch)

    Then I water the new pot, with the plant in it.

    After transplant I let it dry out well before watering again, since I added water prior to removing it from the old pot, and again after it was in the new pot.
  3. If you start your plants in party cups then you can simply cut and peel the layers of the cup away of so no roots get damaged at all.

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