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how to properly snap a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lopeturtle, May 26, 2010.

  1. hey guys, so im not new to smoking, but im sort of new to bongs

    i smoked out of my friends bong a couple of times, and he always tells me to snap it. but everytime i take a hit, i never end up snapping it.

    so basically, how do you snap a bowl, and can you only snap with bongs?

    also, im getting the molino mini bong. can i snap bowls with that?
  2. i have never heard the term 'snap a bowl' in my life
  3. It's just inhaling all the weed in a single hit

  4. you're not alone
    OP you talking about poppers? using about 1cm of a cigarette inside a stem to give you a little head ,does that sound like something you might be interested in? (entourage)

    edit...guess not
    so by snapping you mean taking a hit properly? yeah u can snap with any bong or piece as long as you dont have little girly lungs
  5. He just wanted you to rip the bong really hard and finish the bowl off. It's alright if ash and shit falls into the bong water.

  6. This,
    you can make a cigarette shaped joint of dank and cut it into 4 parts. each part you place in a bowl is the "Snap". one pack one hit. Its wicked Fun, and you get fucked up

  7. I think by snapping you mean doing a one hitter. You put only as much weed in the bowl as you can smoke in one hit. Since bongs usually don't have screens, when the weed is burnt all the way the ash sucks down into the water with a kind of snapping sound. Problem is, it's a little wasteful. To get that snap you are inhaling too hard and some unburnt weed is going to go down. But that's what people usually mean when they say snap.

    Back in my day there were a lot of one hit bongs with a small metal bowl. You'd fill that up and smoke it in one hit. I still prefer that to the giant bowls on bongs these days but hey progress is progress.
  8. My friends do it all the time. By snapping the weed, your sucking so hard your vaporizing the weed in the bowl, eventually it gets so small that it breaks apart and snaps through the hole into the bong.

    Try lighting the bong and sucking slowy to get through the greens, once the budd is pretty blackened you can start sucking with more force. If its a big bowl, dont be afraid to put your hand over the top of the bong and take a breath of air. Its better than you coughing all the smoke out from lack of oxygen. Resume and suck as hard as you can for the ash to get broken down. Then clear that shit.

  9. How are you vaporizing the weed by pulling harder and faster?

    Is it just me or does this not really make sense to anybody else?

    Shit, I'm baked.... :smoking:
  10. In Australia we all rip cones. A small brass/metal cone is packed and you burn it all slowly, then suck it all through the small hole and it 'snaps' through. You have to try and burn all the weed but. It creates a nice release of pressure and acts as though your taking your finger off the carb or something.
  11. We sure do, our conepieces/bowls are sized for one hit bassically.
  12. A bowl is similar to a bong.

    There is a carberator, which I would compare to the bongs hole for the slide.
    There's a neck, just much smaller.
    And you have your bowl.

    I've been told to inhale and fill the chamber up with smoke then uncarb and recard the carberator. Apparently that will clear the chamber and you'll get more smoke off each hit. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I explained it weird, but who knows.

    I waketh, I baketh.
  13. LOL! You're going to look back on this thread and laugh about it when you become a more experienced stoner. :cool:

    He just wants you to smoke all the weed that's in the bowl in one hit. Sometimes it's too big and you won't be able to do it, that's life! Exhale a large breathe of air before you toke so your lungs are empty and that will help you to clear it. Good luck and keep tokin man. :smoke:
  14. i always tell my buddies to take bong snaps and make sure it all pulls through at the end because otherwise the bong gets clogged and its a bitch to unclog
  15. He's referring to the cherry that keeps the bud burning all the way through. Vaporizing isn't really the correct term.
  16. snap = pack a hit (as big as you want, or think you can handle). torch it, suck like the dickens, make sure all the bud falls through into the water, then clear it like a fucking champion.
  17. do you have to snap a bong's bowl or can you just take the ash out and repack?
    im worried because i dont have an ash catcher
  18. You're hitting it too hard, obviously. Unburnt weed should never be sucked in if the bowl is packed properly and the hitter is not sucking a golf ball through a hose. Lightly hit it until the bowl is cherry, then suck the ash into water. I look at it more as an ashing technique than anything else.

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