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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mr.Grey420, Feb 22, 2016.

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    This is apparently a bigger problem than i thought so let me get this out there. Ive noticed a LOT of people dont actually know how to properly inhale smoke. It sounds simple to us sure but a lot of newbies and even a few regular tokers have problems with this. If you smoke weed and you dont get high, chances are this is your problem. Now i know i am a different species than you earthlings but i believe our respiratory systems are similar. Let us begin. Now when you see someone smoke, they puff on something and smoke comes out. Easy right? Wrong. Most people puff the smoke into their mouth and exhale straight away and that doesnt do anything. And ive seen a lot of close friends do this. The way to actually inhale your hit is to build up smoke in the mouth, then as if you were taking a deep breath, breathe in some fresh air on top of the smoke. This is the reason pipes have carbs and bongs have slides: so you can clear your hit and inhale some air on top of it for good measure. This is one of the reasons why alot of people say joints dont get them high its because joints dont have carbs and people forget to inhale completely. You should feel your lungs expanding and getting fully with the tickley feeling of dank smoke. Make sure your using your lungs and not your stomach because Yes I've seen people inhale to their stomach and burp it out later, which is another way to waste smoke. The reason the smoke has to touch the inside of your lungs is because thats how its absorbed into your bloodstream! So yeah basically the smoke has to actually go INSIDE your lungs, not just in your mouth/throat. It just really bothers me how many people make such a rookie mistake. Im not trying to talk anyone down i just want to make sure youre all actually getting high. Ive known people that inhaled wrong for years and just thought weed did nothing until they finally got it. It is a good idea to empty your lungs before taking a hit. Below i have provided a diagram of a human respiratory system to aid you[​IMG]

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  2. Its really all about breathing smoke the way you would breathe air

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  3. I don't care what anyone says, I hold my hits in for a couple seconds and It gets me perfectly high. No reason to wreck your lungs by holding it in for 10 or 20.
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  4. i agree. I hold hits 1-2 seconds and thats all i need. I know people that hold hits until nothing comes out and thats just excessive.

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  5. [​IMG]

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    there is no point holding in smoke for longer than 3 seconds you're not getting any more THC due to how lungs work, I would have found the study but I just woke up... google is your friend; can't spoon-feed everything. anyways you're getting only more tar ruining your lungs
    naturally don't smoke Marijuana like a cigar dick
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  7. How to inhale properly? Be Bill Clinton.

  8. Lolz ugh. Bill Clinton and his henchmen destroyed the Democratic Party. The "Tyson" President. If you don't know what Tyson is it's a huge business around chicken meat and etc.

  9. Ah, ok. I thought you'd meant Mike Tyson


  10. Lol

  11. And if my memory serves me correct Bill Clinton passed GMO. I think they're friens with Monsanto too
  12. Well, I don't have a problem with GMO per se.. since it is merely a more advanced version of plant breeding. It's when corporations put patents on living organisms.. and when they put corporate profit ahead of public health.. that's where the danger lies.. and that's what Monsanto is notorious for.
  13. i hold my hits in until i get eight ball hemorrhages in my eyeballs.
  14. Is it just me or does the simply act of coughing after a hit get you higher faster?
  15. I'm 90% sure it's just the result of your heart beat rising and more O2 in your blood from coughing.
    I took a couple lung busting hits while reading this to test. I got just as much of a head rush from sprinting across my yard and back taking deep breaths as I did from when I just let myself cough.
  16. I've always had a thought, what if after a hit you lay on a bed with your head off the bed so your get a bloodrush to the brain. I wonder if that would help the THC get to your brain more efficiently.

    Anyone ever do some serious breathing techniques before or after a hit? Any results?
  17. I've seen people take a upside down bong hits

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  18. Hahaha holy shit this forum is unreal ... Like are you fucking serious ? Please go walk into fast on coming traffic . I think Darwin will get his way though....
  19. woah buddy

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  20. We are thrivin' and survivin' he'd be damn proud!

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