How To Produce Feminized Seeds

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  1. Really great techniques that actually work. Thought Id share them.

    If you are a grower/breeder in need of female seeds, this is for you.
    Dont spend hundreds on feminized seeds. Produce your own!

    I posted this on a blog quite a while ago. But I really want more growers to be aware of these methods. Please read carefully.

    Two methods, Colloidal Silver Spray Method or Rodelization Method.

    Colloidal Silver Spray:

    You can use Colloidal Silver Spray to make Feminized Cannabis Seeds the way seed banks do.
    -You'll be able to produce seeds consistently and control the amount of seeds produced.
    -Fairly easy method to produce 100s of seeds if needed.

    You can [ame=""]buy the spray[/ame], or buy a [ame=""]spray generator[/ame], or make the spray yourself.
    Also VERY IMPORTANT: It is not safe to use/consume cannabis that has come into contact with the spray.
    That means you WILL NOT be able to smoke that plant!
    HOWEVER, the seeds the plant produces are 100% SAFE!

    Thoroughly mist a female cannabis plant with colloidal silver every day for 10-14 days around the same time that she enters the flowering stage (when your first change the lights to 12-12).
    The concentration of silver ions in the water will actually force the plant to create male pollen sacs instead of female buds.
    The safest way to ensure that your plants will actually turn into males is to keep misting the plants until you see the beginning of male pollen sacs forming.

    You will be able to tell when they are about to open because the leaf section protecting the pollen starts to crack. Simply take the pollen sacs off and place them in a cool dry place for a week and let them start to dry.
    The pollen will come out if you shake them about a little, or you can also cut open the sacs to get to the pollen inside.
    Use this pollen to pollinate female plants and you will get all-female seeds.


    You will need:
    -9 volt battery
    -9v Battery Connector (less than $2 at a hardware or electronics store)
    -Pure .9999 or 999 Silver (yes it must be pure)
    -Distilled water (yes it must be distilled)
    -Alligator clips (Optional: but will make things much easier)
    -Soldering Iron (Optional: only needed if you want to use alligator clips)


    Rodelization Method:

    The one great thing about this method is it's completely all-natural so you can implement this strategy with an organic grow. However, this method is know to be unreliable and may not produce much pollen.
    Basically, the method goes that some female marijuana plants will start growing male pollen sacs if they've been left in flowering too long (past the peak point of harvest). Flowering the plants 10-14 days longer than usual should do the trick.
    This is the plant's last attempt to pollinate itself so that it at least produces a few seeds.
    The pollen sacs they develop are referred to as “bananas”.
    The banana is a very slight male flower on a female marijuana plant that is formed because of stress. Usually they do not let out any pollen early enough to make marijuana seeds. They are a built in safety factor so in case of severe conditions, the plant can produce seeds to carry on the plant's generation.
    You can collect these male pods and use the pollen inside them to pollinate other female plants. You pollinate female plants by evenly covering their buds with the pollen after they've been in flowering for 2-3 weeks.
    Females that are pollinated in this way will start growing all-female marijuana seeds.
    This issue with this method is that some strains of plants never seem to grow male characteristics naturally and if they do, they never produce as much pollen as a male plant would.

    Anyways, those are the two methods!
    Whether you are a beginner or veteran grower, you should definitely be familiar with these methods. Hope you learned something new. :wave:
  2. I was wondering how much water to silver to add. Also how much do you spray the females each time? do you soak them or just lightly mist them?
  3. I like to use about a cup of water for this process.

    Begin the spray method when you change the lights to 12-12.

    Mist your budsites to almost drench all the parts you want to turn into pollen sacs.
    Spray regularly, at least once a day for about 1 to 2 weeks or until you start to see pollen sacks forming.

    Harvest the pollen sacks once they start to swell and store them in a cool place, then spread the pollen over the strain you wish to breed the female seeds off of.
    Or you can just let the sacks burst while still on the plant if you want female seeds from that same strain of plant.
  4. Also make note:
    Keep your colloidal silver solution has as little contact with light as possible until you use it, or it will deteriorate and turn a dark gray color.
    If this happens, then it is no longer useable.

  5. Just what I was about to ask. ;)
    I remember when you posted this as a blog. Good stuff man.
  6. thanks man great info

    ron paul 2012!!!
  7. What about the silver on autos? their lights are never 12/12, should you apply right away or give them 10-14 days?

  8. Give them 10-14 days once you think they start flowering.
  9. Ive heard about this before but i never thought about trying it.

    It looks soo easy i think i might give it a shot..

    however first il have to breed something or have something to feminise :p
  10. stress techniques work also,,i used them for fem ak-47 and worked well so far.
  11. [quote name='"chefRa"']stress techniques work also,,i used them for fem ak-47 and worked well so far.[/quote]

    That's true.
    Stressing a plant into a sex is a common method. But it's not too reliable, in my experience.
  12. These are good techniques man.
    This should be sticky IMO

  13. OK, a cup of water to how much of the silver?


  14. Not much. I can't give an actual measurement because Ive never taken note.
    But about 4 inches of medium thick silver wire or the size of a coin.
  15. Thanks. Im gonna buy the liquid silver. So....about a teaspoon full to a cup of water, you think?


  16. If you're planning on buying the colloidal liquid like the one in the [ame=""]link[/ame], yes one teaspoon of colloidal liquid added to one cup of water sounds about right.

    Ive never applied the colloidal using that method. If you do end up testing this, let me know how it goes.
  17. can this process be done with
    - feminized plants(came from a feminized seed)?
    - Auto-flowering plants?
  18. I have an LST plant that has several distinct colas, would it be feasible to try this method on one cola, but not the others?
  19. One of my plants in my first grow (Colorado medicinal) I fell on it when I accidentally tripped over myself in the grow room. Stupid, I know. I bent the main stem (it was very thick) but did not break it. But it made a number of feminized seeds and I didn't see any pollen. Do plants simply make clone seeds under stress?

    On a side note, the weed it produced was still very very potent, but it didn't pack on thick buds. They were very thin buds, and lots of popcorn nugs. Plenty of seeds, not sure how many exactly, but probably 30+. The original plant was from a feminized seed. So will it retain the same potency if I were to grow out these seeds?

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