How To Prevent Spider Mites?

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  1. OK, so recently I have thought about looking into growing my own marijuana. I have done my homework and found out that spider mites are a pain in the a*s for growers both inside and out. I want to set up my grow room to combat most any problem growing can cause and I'm completely at a loss on how to prevent spider mite before they come and ruin my bud.

    Thanks to anyone with any info, this is my first thread, so yea!:smoke:
  2. Keep pets, outside clothes, dirty clones, and dirty shoes out of the grow room.
  3. Thanks, I knew some of the basics, just lookin the clarify, now what do you think of the Raid bug barrier, could that help if I sprayed my grow room with it?
  4. I would not spray with a bug killer in a grow room. Just get some pest strips.
  5. Ok, and how would I clean my shoes/ clothes that go from outside, in so they aren't infested? I know I have to take them off, but how could u clean them for a rotation?
  6. All you need is oil. Use it once a week 30 min before lights go off. It will keep mites at bay but is more useful as preventitive against powdery mildew. If the mites still keep attacking use SPINOSAD! I use captain jacks dead bug concentrate. Spinosad will kill them guranteed. To get rid of your dogs and scrub up like you're in a hospital is pointless and over kill! Preventitive maintenance is key along with knowledge;)
  7. Thanks, now what kind of oil? Are we talking cooking, crude, what? And I like the idea of pest strips, what's your thoughts in that?
  8. Also, I don't want to spray anything on the plants during the flowering stage, as not to ruin the bud's taste, potency, etc., what would work as a preventative or fix to mites?
  9. yes, dont spray anything during flowering. you dont want to mist your plants with any type of insecticide after day 14.

    neem oil is the best preventative spray you can use on your plants. period. neem oil is amazing, its 100% organic, and not harmful to us humans at all. in fact, indian people brush their teeth with sticks from the neem tree (ever wonder why their teeth are so white? :p ) the downside: neem oil reaks to the high heavens. dyna-gro makes a great cold pressed neem oil product.

    if you get an infestation, than yes, spinosad is a great product to quickly rid your garden of pests.

    neem isnt too effective for fungus gnats, but it is great for everything else. mosquito dunks (for ponds @ home depot) work great to kill fungus gnats, as well as spinosad.

    so two things that are a must in a garden: spinosad & neem

  10. I definately want to take that into consideration, but I'm more interested in the pest strip. It's not a spray, so it can be used in all stages and not screw up the bud. Thoughts on that?
  11. hot shots pest strips are hazardous to your health.

  12. Anything that comes near my grow get's a floral dip
    Gh AZAMAX foliar spray every 14 to 20 day's
    e 20 spray 1 time mid veg fungicide control

    n flower nothing it's all about prevention and stay up on control's dips sprays
    treat any new girl like a hooker and dip it spay it prevent it
  13. Keep it simple clean u will b fine switch between 2 product's for mite control people say they turn resistant with use of same product over and over so use 2 this is a problem all might experience but the one's who prevent stay on top succeed bug free weed and enough time to get nasty chem's out before u have issues n flower and have to bomb well i will not touch smoke tht has had poison during flower stage seem's not enough time to get that shit outa the plant good luck

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