How to prevent PH & PPM spikes?

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  1. We transplanted our seedlings into Waterfarm buckets on Sun. They all started with a PH of 5.5 and PPM around 200. I checked the PH and PPM last night and the PH is at 7.3 and PPM is at 729[​IMG] What should i do to fix this and how do i prevent the PH and PPM from Spiking?
  2. recirculate, use RO water
  3. When you say recirculate do you mean add more water to the rez? I have been using distilled water is that ok?
  4. use a big resevoir and a pump to recirculate the nutes to the buckets
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    That is one hell of a spike. Are these waterfarms connected to a controller/reservoir or are they individual self contained units?
  6. Barron, This happened to me as well when I transplanted into hydroponic buckets. The reason that my levels went crazy was because I transplanted from soil to hydro and I didn't fully wash all the soil from the roots before tranplanting. When I noticed a huge swing in my levels PH and PPM I removed the plant and did a better job of removing any soil from the roots.
  7. No there self contained. RUCKUSone, I started my seeds in starter plugs so I don't think that's the problem.
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    Did you condition the clay balls for the farms before you planted them up?

    Soak the clayballs overnight in a solution of ph4 to condition them then your ph wont rise above 6 ish.

    This will also prevent any PH spikes and your ppm will come back into line
  9. Both are correct. WF's in single buckets have more problems with stable PH and PPM. I did a tutorial about converting WF's into recirculating systems. Do a search on 'Waterfarm Modification Tutorial" to get an idea about recirculating.

    Good Luck
  10. No I didn't I just washed them real well in a strainer. Next time I will do that. I have had them in just PH'd water for the past few days cause they got a little nute burn, but the PH has been pretty steady. Thanks for your help!

    Yeah I stumbled across that last night.

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