How To Prevent Double Posting My Theory

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  1. OK so there's allot of people double posting because of the servers ect..
    I have noticed that sometimes Grass city is slow to post so if your making a post and it's being slow and you click the post button again then it will double post.

    Same for threads i accidentally made a double thread the other day because it was taking agaes and i clicked submit new thread twice and it made a double thread, so if you don't do this it will help you prevent double posting.

    I just thought i would let you guys know, also double posting's really annoying:p
  2. Dont know about threads, but you can just delete your own double post if it was an accident. no harm done really.

    Its pretty well unavoidable especially considering the size of this forum.
  3. I know you can, but it's still a pain wouldn't you rather not double post all together :p

    I know it's unavoidable considering the size of the forum but it may help some people not double post, i'm just saying if you click submit post/thread twice it will double post so maybe some people wont click that twice from now on and then not double post.
  4. I would say to totally not double post there are two things you can do.

    1. Do not post.
    2. Do not join a forum :)

  5. It only double posts if you click it twice, well maybe that's only me but i never double post unless i click reply twice :confused:
  6. No idea.

    Go to deadie thread?? Yes I think so :)
  7. Man on the app, when it does it, you just click post once, it says loading for ages, and then it attempts to double post, but you get a message saying can't post for another --seconds.

  8. Man I get that on my app all the time....
  9. Yeah i found this shit out too son :bongin:

    Sometimes it wont load at all and I press send twice and it double post. When it takes forever to load I just cancel it and when I go to look the post is there! So yea
  10. The slow loading on the app really pisses me off.
  11. Most days this week I can't even get it to make one post :( Just keeps crashing my browser, close GC and everything works fine but have GC open and sometimes it crashes my other browser windows.
  12. I am planning to code something that will prevent double posting but this won't start before we migrate to new servers. However this will not effect the mobile application.

    But we are working with mobile application developers to improve mobile application slowness. This is however out of our hands as the improvements should be done by Mobile application developer or it would be a huge pain for us to upgrade on each new version of mobile application.
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    I find the app loads faster then my browser most of the time.

  14. That's strange, allot of people say it's really bad and slow, or you just have a really slow browser :p
  15. Well my browser loads fast as hell.
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    Well I'm going by the safari browser on my phone, rarely do I log on gc from a pc.

  17. Safari is the way to go, i find it allot faster it might just be my mac though, I have a mac and a PC and the Mac is allot faster.

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