How to preserve skunk males

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ganjamen, Apr 20, 2006.

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    Hey, me again. I have like 20 plants under 4 ft 40 watt each fluoros. Like 6 are skunk, a friend gave me the seeds and they look like it. The others are off the good bag seeds, some look like plain sativas and some others look like a mix. They are all 1 month old. They are in a 12/12 period to force them to mature earlier, yes i know, yield sacrifice... Now, since they are all genetically diferent, i expected them to flower at diferent times. However, i just found out today that already i got 2 male skunks. Pretty sure about the gender... I dont have access to more skunk seeds, and in mexico i dont know if its safe to order from a seed bank. Obviously id like to preserve as much skunk dna as posible, so, male skunks allowed. But, i dont see the other skunks near flowering, let alone the sativas and mixed. Im terrified at the prospect of losing my two males before they get a chance to knock up all the rest of the troop, which would be my best case scenario, spread the good strain.
    So the main issue here is how can i maximize the posibility or interact with the plants in order to guarantee that skunk pollen will pollinate the skunk ladies first, and the others if there is enough.
    Will apreciate any input. No pics, but looking pretty good for my first grow.

  2. as soon as the sacs open up you should collect the pollen in a bag. you will be able to polinate individual buds later by hand. I explained this in another thread, so I'm just going to copy and paste what I said there. here:

    "if you want to produce your own seeds collect some pollen from the strongest looking male and in another room put the pollen in a paper bag and then put that paper bag over one of the lower buds on a female and tie the bag on with a twist tie... you could easily get 50 seeds in one bud. make sure fans are off when you're doing this so the pollen doesn't spread. leave the bag on for a week and then spray it to get it moist so the remaining pollen will stick to the inside of the bag and carefully take it off again with your fans off. this takes a little bit of effort, but you will get plenty of seeds and still have a ton of sinsemilla :smoke:"

    yup, you could pollinate just a couple of lower buds and get plenty of seeds and still have your nice seedless buds at the top. :)
  3. hey i have skunk too. i dunno how to tell if their males though?
  4. put the males in the middle and the females surrounding them. Shake the piss outta each male to get a good amount of pollen spread around. Or, you can put a plastic bag around the males (put thebucket and all in the bag and close the bag up around the top of the plant. Shake the piss outta the male (provided the pollen sacks are ready to burst. Leave the bag on until a good amount of pollen has been released. Then bag a female with the same bag and "fluff" the bag around to get that pollen onto everything. Should have a metriic assload of seeds in no time.
  5. so there is nothing i can do to make the sativas flower earlier than genetics say... I got the basic idea about the hand pollinating stuff. Just wondering for how long can i keep the sacks/pollen in a bag before it goes bad??? And, considering that the balls are really small and no harm will be done to the plant when removed: is it posible for my indicas to go on flowering like crazy until the rest of the sativas flower??

    Also, how many buds can be efectively pollinated with a sack or so??? How do i retrieve the seeds, let them drop, cut, shake?? I want to let all seeds ripe, no use in getting white shitty seeds.

    Thanks for the help, ill be posting some more issues as they come along, hopefully never will bother you with pest or nute probs, got that pretty much figured out.

    Smoke em if you got em

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