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How to preserve LARGE amounts of Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by TiCkEr, May 29, 2008.

  1. Basically I'm looking for the most cost efficient way to preserve large quantities of MJ (lbs.) without sacrificing quality.

    I posted this in the outdoor growing section since many outdoor growers harvest several pounds of marijuana. I've read up on the subject, and there seems to be a general consensus that using mason jars is the way to go. I've also heard Foodsaver works great.

    What I couldn't find was how long will marijuana stay fresh in mason jars? Should the jars be put into the freezer? Again, there are conflicting opinions regarding freezing weed.

  2. Glass Jars with sealed lids. Kept mine for 4-5 months. Make sure 90% of the moisture is out. Check it every once in a while for moisture build up and it will be better then it was fresh. Takes at least three months to get the full flavore out anyway.

    If you want to freeze it do it. I did one year (my girlfriend wanted me to) and all was good and we used a plastic bag. Jars are way better. You'll be ok just listen to what people have to say take it in and use your judgement.

    Good luck!!
  3. Thanks bro. I won't freeze them unless I plan on keeping some for over a year. Now I gotta find me some BIG mason jars :D.

  4. Also, has anyone had any experience with the Pump-N-Seal device? Worth it, or would it suck the THC crystals right out of the bud when using it?


  5. definately mason jars, but don't put them in the freezer it fucks with the tricomes, and you have to leave the jars open every once in awhile so they don't get moldy
  6. i use to buy quarter pound every 2weeks for personal and kept it in the freezer in plastic baggies with no problems. would only smoke 2ounces in the 2week period so i figured if freezing cigarettes kept em fresh why not pot.
  7. Mason jars in a dark, cool (low 70's) cabinet. Dont freeze it if you can avoid it. The problem with freezing it, is that the trichomes become brittle and can get broken/knocked off the bud.
  8. Bump. Any thoughts regarding using the pump n seal with mason jars?

  9. Have you thought of investing in a bubble bag and converting your crop to hash? It may be quite a bit of work but it should help it keep longer. I currently have the same dilemma and that is one possibility I am considering.
  10. Wow, should have checked the date on these posts!
  11. I always take my pot, seperate it into ounce increments, put 4-6 oz's in a gallon freezer bag, i bag it all like that, and i take a 5 gallon bucket with a tight lid, and bury it, at least 3 feet. it will never freeze(here in ohio) and ive never had a problem with mold...
  12. Well since it has been revived I'll just add something. You could cure them then suck out the air from the jar OR add enough C02 in the jar inplace of air.

    It just so happens C02 is heavier than plain air so it will work well.
  13. Is it possible to maintain the quality for a year without freezing it?
  14. Anyone have experience with Cvaults? I saw them in high times, pretty curious to how good they are.

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