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how to preserve a joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by randomstoner, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. ive seen threads on preserving weed and all but i had a question about how long will a joint keep if its in a notebook under a bed which has a vent under it..its prolly under 75 under there all day and i just wana keep it for like a week..will this work? or shud i put it in a bag or jar a bag is np but a jar is a bitch to hide..this is a huge ass joint by the way so if it spoils im going to be pissed
  2. should work... might be a little harsh to the lungs tho...
  3. Putting it in an airtight glass jar is the best method of preserving any kind of weed.
  4. I use empty pill containers to store my joints. Not exactly airtight, but it contains the smell and smokes mighty fine.

  5. o.o i do the same.
  6. Yeah, sure it does.
  7. use glass jars
  8. I Roll Uniform Jays so they fit perfectly inside of plastic pencil tube like the ons the doller store sells full of white pencil erasers...
  9. Go to the gas station and get those phillies blunts (they are like 99 cents). I dont know if they are the phillies brands or not, and they come in fat little tubes. the tubes kinda like like vibrators... Not joking, my joints stay fresh in there :).

    Also if they are small joints prime times sold individually are similar but smaller.

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