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how to practice and what to use?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Celbrise, May 15, 2010.

  1. im not really new to toking but i am new to rolling spliffs, joint with zigzags. Usually i just lay it on not crushing up the buds i just pluck it off and put everything iside the zigzag and roll it. it ends up all messy and shitty looking though. anyway to prevent it to look shitty and make it really tight?. i also tweist both ends and burn one end which is usually the end im going to light and the other end i nibble the twist off so it can circulate into my lungs. Should i even twist the end im going to smoke through or leave it open? im just scared i might suck up the weed and its not even lit. i usually put my cruch ( pieice or cardboard outside the joint whats better inside or outside?. do you think a dub is good enough or should i buy more? a dub is $20. do you guys put the whole 20 in or do something like me where i just put half into 1 joint and a little tobacco so it burns slowly. it's hard to put the whole 20 in for me ebcause it ends up flaling out i just want to know if i should put it all in and mix with tobacco or make 2 joints or just go natural no tobacco. sorry for all the questions but like i said im pretty noob at rolling i usually just smoke it out of bongs or pipes but no one has one right now and i need it tonight. Also i havnt toked in a year.
  2. I used to suck ass at rolling. So my friend gave me a pack of zags and gave me tea, yes tea. I used tea to roll joints until my fingers went numb and they looked half decent. To make them tight what I do is baptize them. Soak it in your mouth and while you're pulling it out of your mouth twist it. Once its out of your mouth and soaked, take the lighter and dry it. Don't hold it too close or it will burn.
  3. you have to crush up the bud first, google "how to roll a joint" and practice with tea or tobacco until you can get something half decent.
  4. Just roll cones. like this guy:

    [ame=]YouTube - How to roll a cone-style joint[/ame]
  5. get a grinder, man....

  6. A good way to practice is to get some tobacco, and a pack or two of rolling papers. If you have some bud, use that instead. Keep on rolling until you catch on to techniques you use to help yourself, and if you're using bud, keep rolling and tearing apart the joints until you've got it down.
  7. For how to make it look better, try pulling the ends outwards as you roll - I find it evens out the creases. For tightening it... when you're doing the rolling motion (where you're kinda pinching it and rolling it up and down) hold it more tightly or roll it for longer. It's hard to explain what I mean without visual aid though, lol.

    I don't twist either end when I roll, because after you've been doing it a while and get good enough at it there's really no need. Some people prefer to though, so really it's up to you whether you twist or not.

    I have no idea how you would go about putting the crutch on the outside; I've never seen anyone do that. I just put it in next to the weed/baccy and roll it up.

    I have no idea how much you get in a dub because it varies wildly by location. I typically use about a 50/50 split of tobacco/weed, but it depends on a lot of things: what size spliff I'm rolling, how stoned I want to get, if I'm sharing, the people I'm sharing with's tolerances, the quality of the weed, etc. No one can really tell you how much weed you need.

    If weed is falling out, don't worry too much about it. Once your spliff's rolled, use a small object (pencil, knitting needle, whatever really) to push the contents from the end you're going to light towards the mouth end to creat a space, and the collect the fallen weed and pour it on top. The pushing it down also helps a little with tightening.
  8. Everyone has their own way of rolling and their own personal techniques. Get some 1 1/4" sized papers, these are best and already have a crease longways on the paper.

    Get a pouch of tobacco I'd something and just practice rolling. When you roll with bud you must cut it/grind it up. You can use scissors to EVENLY cut up the nugs.

    Important tip: when your putting the material into the paper, shape it and make it even across the paper in the shape you want the end product to be before you start rolling it.

    DO NOT fold, it's all about the tuck.

    And don't smoke tobacco, and don't give up and roll blunts because
    1. Your not supposed to inhale cigars(what blunts are made from).
    2. Tobacco is very bad for your health and extremely addictive.
    3. Smoking tobacco and cannabis at the same time will not get you as high as rolling straight green joints.

    Btw "spliff" is a European term that refers to a mixed cannabis/tobacco cigarette.
  9. google joint dollar bill trick or something similar. Pretty much just like using a rolling machine, except for free(well i guess you technically need at least one bill).
    Even complete rookies can usually roll a decent looking j after only a few tries.
  10. Try the tutorial in my sig, ive gotten great feedback about it
  11. dude i'd just buy a pipe or a bong:bongin: or something of that matter. they get you higher and are a lot easier and can be used over and over again. but if you do only get glass. but i guess everyone has different smoking preferences so if you want to roll go for it
  12. I seriously do not even know what to make of this whole statement

    I'm not sure how it would help if it was outside of the joint. Put it inside the paper where you're gonna be putting your mouth. It'll make it so you don't eat any of the weed. You can also burn it all the way down and not have to worry about a roach. Once it gets to the crutch, just pitch it.

    Don't know how much bud you're getting for $20.. If it's chronic, I'd say it's a gram? You could roll a j, and have enough for a bowlpack too. It depends how fat you want your joint to be. You could roll a skinny doob, because if it's chronic it'd probably be more than enough to get you baked. I don't think you should mix with tobacco because 1) it'll fuck with the taste of the green :) and 2) would it help it burn slower? I don't understand why it would, I mean cig tobacco is dryer than weed, right? So I don't think it would help with how fast it burns

    Also... get a grinder. You'll get the buds nice and broken up and if you roll a j with ground up weed, it will burn more evenly and won't look lumpy and shit.
  13. Just practice with your bud. Break it up until it's fairly fine, make sure you remove any seeds and stems, then twist it up. If it doesn't come out right just rip the paper off, loosed the herb back up, and do it again.
  14. those papers are stronger than you think...

    dont be afraid to go hard on these papers. if it rips, just use another one. just use tobacco so you wont waste weed.
  15. Grind the bud or break it up really fine. Scissors can help. Roll with your crutch on the inside. Spread the bud on, put more bud toward the crutch end and when you're rolling the pape around in your fingers to pack it, work the bud toward the other end.

    If you mix with tobacco do so before you put the bud in the pape. Tobacco makes the joint burn slower (I'm not entirely sure why but this is what I've observed) and hit smoother. It obscures the weed taste. You also get a nicotine buzz for the first few minutes of your high which may or may not be desirable. If you smoke a spliff a day you probably won't get addicted. Your mileage may vary. One method is not more right than the other, don't let people tell you that. Personally, I like to roll a spliff when I'm smoking by myself because it makes the jay a bit bigger, easier to roll, smokes for a while longer. But it's up to you.

    As has been said, roll it up. Break it open. Roll it up again. Repeat.

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