How To Post Pictures?

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  1. So everytime i got to post a picture in my post it says that extention is not allowed here. I tried downloading the picture then posting it and i still cant. I see people do it all the time. How do I?

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    Chill man, you don't need to bump the thread every few hours. :p
    Testing to see if attachments work for me... 
    EDIT: Yeah, attachments are working fine for me. What kind of file are you trying to upload?
    If all else fails, you can use an external host like 
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    sorry, didnt want it to get lost in the other threads.

    WHen I click link and post the picture URL into the thing it just says this image is not allowed on this community or something like that.
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    i try to copy the image url and put it in the link and it does it. ive seen people post pictures on there post like you have i just wan to know how you do it.
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    Can you paste for me the specific link you're trying to post? Are you using the link button instead of the image button? 
  6. even if i try to copy the actual image and post it it says i cant use that extention
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    its not this specific one its done it multiple times for me with any image i get from google.
    i tried both buttons, neither worked
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    Yeah, using that link isn't going to work when trying to add an image. That's a Google search redirect for the image you actually want. 
    See how that link doesn't end in any kind of image extension? It doesn't end in .jpg, .gif, .png, or anything like that, it's not linking directly to an image, you're trying to link to a Google search. 
    When you want to link an image from a Google search, your best bet is to select "View Original Image" and then either try to link that URL (which may not work and is generally bad form anyway because a lot of sites don't allow or appreciate hotlinking), or upload that URL to a site like imgur, or else just save it to your computer and upload it as an attachment. 
  10. 1. Save the picture to your comp
    2. Upload pic to an image hosting website (,, etc...)
    3. Copy the link provided from the website
    4. Go to your Grasscity post now and type -----
    5. Where the ---- is you're going to want to paste the link from the website over that
    6. ...and you're done! Make sure it looks exactly like this but with a different link;

  11. Okay, i got it now. thank ya'll for the replies. The help is much appreciated. Especially Janedough, cos you stuck through my shenanigans and all those double posts. 
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    Well, I try. ;)
    Just be patient next time, if there was an actual forum issue, it would probably take a few days for an admin to see your post and respond to it. This isn't a very active section of the forums, your post won't go unseen just because you aren't bumping it every few hours. :p
    Glad you got it figured out though. :D
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    We suggest not to use third party websites to host images at Grasscity. 
    Our servers are way more powerfull and fast then third party shitty image services. Attaching files to your messages will always allow faster load time for other blades.
  14. Hey gnik,
    I saw somewhere you say something about who would notice something new about attaching pics???
    Is it the fact that you can just "drag" them into your post from a web page?
    I was posting in the lounge and there was a funny picture on a webpage (in another window) and I tried dragging into the editor and it worked !!
    Later !!!
  15. I noticed that too! unfortunately it did work for me.
    at lizard king. I feel ya, ill download the images and uploaad them as an attachment then.
    That was quite a sentence there, Doobie. Took me a minute. :laughing: 
  17. for me it always say its to large to attach how do i fix that
    How large of an image are you trying to attach? Might need to use a photo editing program or a browser editor like pixlr to size it down. 

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