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How to post a pic on my iphone to grasscity

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JohnnyJakes, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Title says it all, is it possible?
  2. Get the iPhone app
  3. or email the photo to ur email. download it, then uplaod it to a site and get the code for forums. like any other pic
  4. Download the app to do it. And the app is better than browsing is on the web anyway, GC has a very quality app
  5. I didnt realize there was one thx!
  6. [quote name='"JohnnyJakes"']I didnt realize there was one thx![/quote]

    It's free too :)
  7. Now for tha bad part i tried logging in with the correct info(im positive!) 5 times and now it wont let me log in on the app it kept saying it was incorrect idk why!

  8. +1 I didnt either, thats dope!
  9. Only problem i found uploading attachments through the app is that you cant upload the same picture twice.

  10. Dude thank you. Lol. I had no idea.
  11. This app is nice. Anyone else have a problem with pics loading slow with it? Probably just AT&T being shitflowers and slowing my service down.

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