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how to portion out 2g a day

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MattmPsi, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. If you had 2g a day to smoke everyday, how would you portion it out? How when and how often would you smoke?
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    I would put it in like 5 or 6 different piles or so, each pile for one bowl. I'd probably use a gravity bong to make the most out of each bowl. I'd probably only have to take like 2 or 3 gravity bong hits a day to stay consistently high.
  3. ok I'd roll a half gram joint. Then I'd save a half gram for the pipe. And a whole gram for the bong.
    The joint would be for morning meditation with my coffee.
    The pipe would be for after lunch.
    Then starting at 4:20pm I'd work on that gram in the bong until midnight (if I'm still awake).
  4. Very creative, both of you. Thank you for the answers, keep them coming everyone :D
  5. definitely save at least .5 for the before bedtime smoke... but for the rest, I don't know... I'd have to figure it out as I go  :bongin:. I wouldn't be smoking joints or anything... since I usually roll up that much in a single joint
  6. 2 grams a day? I'd smoke one gram per day. And save up until I stashed an oz. Then make bho and repeat
  7. 2 g a day

    .1-.2 vaporizer
    1-1.2 joint
    Save the rest for the next day.

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
    That's what I do. I smoke less than a gram a day and I try to only smoke at night since I work during the day. But yeah a decent sized gravity bong bowl and you'll be good for a while. 
    What I do is I weigh out a gram each night and i tell myself I can smoke all this if I want... I don't usually hit a g a day so I end up having stuff leftover. 
  9. I'd vape .2 in the evening and save the rest for later.
  10. 1g for 2 small joints then just bong rips throughout the day.
  11. 1g split into 4 or 5 bowls during the day then a 1g joint that i'd slowly smoke over an hour or so in the evening, preferably the first gram would be a sativa and the second would knock me out before bed
  12. i'd wake n bake like .5g, smoke a couple bowls in the afternoon, smoke a couple bowls later in the evening, then roll a .7ish lil blunt to smoke late at night  :smoke:
  13. 0.5 - Wake and Bake
    0.5 - around lunch
    1 g at night while watchin tv

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  14. .4 Bowl in the morning in pipe right after i wake up
    .6 Joint for a nature walk at like noon
    .5 in a bong pack
    .2 in waterfall bong
    .3 in pipe before sleepy :)
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    I don't smoke during the day, so I'd hit 1.5 in the bong around 7, and then .5 right before bed.

    If it's the weekend, .5 in the morning to alleviate the hangover I probably have, .3 after a couple of hours because the hangover probably came back. Take a nap, do some homework, 1g after homework as reward, .2 gravity bong right before bed

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    invest in a vaporizer, you'd save your 1 gram of weed by vaping only parts of a gram for several session and the left over gram for weekend to roll joints/blunts
  17. As long as your gear is dank you shall be able to maintain your high. Its clear you dont smoke all day, so at the least try taking a few hits. Light the bowl as little as possible.

    Better, a vape.

    Keypoint: be pretty productive when you need to your high will gradually get stronger & you never quit for a single day!
  18. .7 joint in the morning, .5 bong rips after lunch, smoke the rest out of the bong afternoon-night

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  19. Actually i do smoke all day, everyday lol. The reason i asked was because i recently started trying to not smoke so much (was at 4 - 7g a day) so i started weighing out 2g for myself at the beginning of everyday.

    More ideas still welcome, all have been helpful so far
  20. Thats reasonable. Yeah, 2 grams isnt too much, but it still would equal to over 2oz/month

    But....Wiz smokes jet fuel like Qp a day

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