How To Politely Make It Blatantly Obvious You Want Sex From A Girl?

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  1. Just tell her you wanna go drinking. 

  2. True i been in this situation and the chick fell madly in love with me. Had to cut her off. 
    That's what I like to hear baby
  4. You tell the broad drop your panties and bend over, and don't call me tomorrow😡
  5. Go to a bar/party/any place where women are drinking. 100% success rate. 
  6. Try some of the skanks on craigslist or or something.
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    as will he
  8. Tell her you want to butter her toast, thats what told the young lady who introduced me to those sugar walls.
  9. we live pretty close, i'm in the ledgewood/landing area. seems most of the people from GC who live in Jersey live in the South part.
  10. Be blunt and straight-forward, also don't be scared/chicken out or else she'll think you don't know what you want. 
    Confidence usually pays off, females love that characteristic in a male. 
  11. Say:  "Yo, mama.  Lemme penetrate dat."  She'll get the idea.
  12. LOL Wouldn't he get slapped for this? I said this plenty of times in H.S. but I'm not a creep so it pays off well. 
  13. just grab her and start rubbing spots till she gets turned on.
  14. It would work on me.

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