How To Politely Make It Blatantly Obvious You Want Sex From A Girl?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by blazemo, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. I would just say
    "I wanna fuck you"
    Chicks like confidence...

  2. say you wanna fuck her like a jersey shore slut
    that's what i say, "REPPIN THE 973, ANY BITCHES WANNA FUCK?"
  3. If I were to help her with a relationship I really doubt it that I would get any action for a favor like that. Thats why I would never help to fix that relationship. Id just be another friend to her and that would suck even more.
  4. That's what I'm talking about, that's what's up!  ;)
  5. 973? Your that close?!
  6. its not a polite thing its a charm thing. gotta own it if u want it 
  7. Just be straightforward. Don't over compliment or anything like that. Just escalate physicality really fast. Flirt/tease and be direct. Look her in the eyes and smile. This is easiest to do at nightclubs/bars. Hell, you don't even need to speak. But if you're talking day type shit then the same rules apply just ask her things like "what are you doing tonight?"/"we should hang out sometimes." She'll get the hint and act accordingly.
  8. Yeah, there isn't really a polite way of doing it. Being direct isn't very polite.
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    where are you? im in pompton lakes, its near wayne, paterson, oakland
  11. Oh ok so your like 45 minutes. Newark is my home away from home, um, for obvious reasons. I'm by Flanders/Roxbury
  12. In that case I'll be there lol.
    When you gonna visit me Tasty? :(  Hahaha we can smoke some of my green after I havest.
  13. Woohoo!
  14. Wow way to jack this guys thread. I seen alot bad shit about New Jersey, but now it sounds interesting..
  15. Hey we've given him plenty of advice!
    we gave good advice
    started from the bottom now we're here
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    Hey we've given him plenty of advice!
    </blockquote> indeed but I wish to help some people who might stumble across this thread and would like to know how you could ask a girl straight up "you tryna f***"

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    Well let us know if any of this helped. Tell us if you get laid tonite.
  19. Buy her a sexy outfit and make her model it. Haha, she'll get the point ;P
  20. Op the word you are looking for is fuck buddies. Flirt with her as you normally would and when the conversation turns sexual say you always wanted to have a fuck buddy, if she gets turned on by it the you're all good. Some girls won't do it of course, that's ok, you should never get angry about sex, if you make bad vibes because she won't fuck you right now, then she'll associate the bad emotions with having sex with you.

    Keep in mind that fuck buddies don't last usually, most times she either falls in love with you or the relationship doesn't last long. Actually she will fall in love with you that's almost certain.

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