How To Politely Make It Blatantly Obvious You Want Sex From A Girl?

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  1. Yep, it's that simple. 

  2. Are you being sarcastic?
  3. Well he wants a NSA type thing, so it is that simple. If a girl is just looking for sex, asking her straight forward is simple lol.
  4. No, lol. I'm just saying that just be straight forward. Just like Bri said.
  5. Sorry man its hard to tell through text lol. Yeah it is pretty easy. He just has to know she's down to fuck though. Because no matter how smooth he is with it, saying it to the wrong girl would not be good.
  6. Just get to know the girl and what she's like. If you feel she could handle NSA than go for it, don't ask just make it obvious you want to fuck her little brains out and if she wants it, it's gonna happen. Lol
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  7. How do you know though? Like when they play hard to get? You never know if they're just kidding and messing with you or if they're serious. That's the worst.
  8. I'm trying to eat out, so what are we going to dinner for?
  9. Usually playing hard to get means they want more than sex. Usually, you can straight up tell. Hey, if your really desperate meet chicks on dating websites! Lol. I tried them before but it's all people wanting to sleep with people. I met a few people I had to force out of my house..
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    Pussy?! [: that's fine with me, I like girls too & I'm sure everyone else agrees!!!
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  11. :eek:
  12. Was that uncalled for?! I'm sorry. I'm in a good mood, after being in a baaaad one.
    Hmm that's interesting. I guess after so long of playing I hard to get I just gave up on the chase. And idk about dating sites lol, it just gives me an uneasy feeling.
    OP don't do what I did, don't give up.
    Mm you get just keep getting better and better. :p  lol
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  14. Yeah they can be awkward but if OP is like desperate, it may tickle his pickle if you know what I mean.

    Haha ;P
  15. OP go get that pickle tickled.
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  16. :hello: :love: 
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  17. See! Good idea!
  18. I have been talking to this girl for months now and I have never even made a move. She has shown a lot of interest in the past and I know at one point she was digging me a lot but it has been a while so I really hope at this point I'm not in the friend zone but honestly I think I could probably make it happen. Should I just be like "we should f***" next time I hang out with her? it's either going to be she's down or she'll never talk to me again either way I'm cool with it because she has a boyfriend and I feel like this whole time she has been wasting both of our time because I have never even hit her up once in my life and she hits me up like every other day when her boyfriend makes her angry or upset or whatever i really don't give a f***

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  19. You kinda gotta be an asshole alpha male playa. I been taught the eyes and personality say it all.
    But 4 hours! Max! Is all the time you need to know if she'll put out, because you gotta ask the female questions. And if she responds with"oh im lookin for THE ONE, im a virgin" you get the hell outta there. You hand her $20 bucks and say bye bitch get a cab and a big mac.

    Nothing is worse then being in a relationship for 1, 2, 3 years and she's not giving it up to you. She gets madd and breaks up with you for not taking out the trash or recording desperate housewives. Then two weeks later she's givin it up to a dude in an orange Cadillac.

    Just get drunk and get laid, party hard..
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  20. Wait... Your tryin to fuck a chick with a man?! Lol. :/

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