How to please a woman tips

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  1. very good first post +rep
  2. Thank you:wave:
  3. I'm pretty sure posting links to porn isn't allowed.
  4. it will get deleted before long like mine did. i didnt realise it either.
    maybe someone can learn something before it goes down.
  5. its not pron...... its an instructional video
  6. exactley
  7. it was very helpful. thanks alot man!
  8. 'pussy eating lesson' lol
  9. suck the clit. nibble -- gently swirl your tongue around it. but don't suck JUST the clit. lick the inside of the lips. stick a little tongue in the pussy hole. shove two fingers in and rub her gspot like crazy. the harder the better.

    but all women are built different so some women like some shit and some don't. can't ever tell though but eating a great pussy will have a bitch begging for more. heheheeheheeeeeeeeee
  10. wow..she really knows what shes talkin about...that woman in the vid. wow..
    guys should see that..all of them..
  11. dope video. I need to show this to my boyfriend! hahahah.

  12. that does it,,,,,,,

    im exited,,,,:p
  13. i think thats the same girl who teaches "how to suck cock" classes.

  14. you said it! i looooove eating pussy. i think i like it just as much if not more that acctual sex and certainly more that recieving head. is there somthing wrong with me?:(

  15. no. just like how some guys really like eating pussy, there's some girls who really love giving head. the ones who love it are always better than the ones who merely do it just to please their guy. ;)
  16. She should.

    That's Nina Hartley.
  17. Glad to help:wave:

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