How to Plant a Seed

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  1. I searched and if this has been done delete this thread. I'm making this because so many ppl have been asking about planting as well as germination. I even got Private Messaged about this stuff earlier, but I don't mind helping out if I can.

    How to plant a marijuana seed.

    First get together your pot and soil and get things ready.

    This step is not absolutely necessary but is helpful and many ppl do not know this. But put your pot and soil in the microwave if it will fit. Get it hot this kills bugs that may be living, and could possibly harm your plant.


    Take your pot and soil out of microwave and water it down. This is a common mistake beginners water the soil before you plant the seed not after. Because if you do it after it's all going to get mixed around and possibly may prevent your plant from being in a position to properly root if the water moves the seed around to much.

    [​IMG]This was done under the sink for the water to drain. You can do this anywhere.

    Take your germinated seed out and plant it with the root sticking down a quarter inch to an inch into the soil. And cover the seed.


    Tap roots can be longer. I just prefer to plant mine when there starting to poke out. Plant seed with taproot down.


    And there you have it hope this helps some people who may not know the basics yet.
  2. BUMP lol sorry just read about 5 post asking about taproots. :)
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    Nice thread, even though I use the poke a hole in the soil about a half inch and drop seed in method.
  4. That's what I do too. And thanks for the compliment. I'm thinking about tweaking this thread a little today....adding information and what not.

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