How to passively be active?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Mogwai, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I hope that's the right way to word it. What are some ways to partake in 'activism' without actually being active? I mean, I'm willing to be active.. but it would be cool to let people know about the cause while just sorta living everyday life and shit...

    I had the neat idea about buying some pro-legalization shirts and then vowing to wear one at least a day out of each week until marijuana is legalized. I think that sounds like a fun idea anyway, and I don't think any of the people I hang out with would get tired of it.

    What are some similar ideas?
  2. Shirts, talk, talk and talk. Talking leads to many things my friend. The more you enlighten people on the truth about cannabis the more likely it will be legalized. The fact of the matter is talking leads to action.
  3. Donations, donations, donations.
  4. I'm broke and donations are out of the question for me at the moment. Plus there aren't any real good groups I'd like to donate to... well, aside from LEAP anyway.
  5. Just smoke people out. Let them see for themselves! lol
  6. Get people to register to vote now for the 2012 elections
  7. How about becoming a distributor of the West Coast Leaf? (a newspaper from Cali).
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    For $100 a year they'll send you 100 copies four times a year. I think it'd be very easy to chuck 100 newspapers up people's drives four times a year. :D
  8. [quote name='"fuckthecops"']Just smoke people out. Let them see for themselves! lol[/quote]


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