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How to Pass the Hair Test!!

Discussion in 'General' started by frkoutmama, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to post something for ya'll looking for CORRECT info about how to pass a follicle test. On another site, at marijuana.com they have a forum dedicated to passing the test. Doing only the Macujo method listed on this forum by Growman (no bad blood man, thanks for the info) is NOT enough to pass if you are a Frequent user or heavy smoker.

    You MUST bleach and re-dye your hair. It also helps to use a relaxer as well. Follow the steps as outlined by Jerry G on the Marijuana.com forum. It has increased the number of people passing than using the macujo method alone.

    I am due to take a test soon, not sure of the date, but will keep everyone posted as to what has happened. So far, this is what I have done...

    macujo method 3 times
    hair was permed 5 weeks ago
    biowashed hair between each macujo method
    relaxed hair with kit from walmart
    biowashed after
    bleached hair with strongest kit available
    biowashed and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo rinse
    bleached hair again
    biowash and PM Tea Tree rinse again
    Dyed hair darker blonde
    biowash and PM Tea Tree again
    Dyed hair back to brown with Semi-permanent dye cause scalp is now on FIRE
    Biowash PM shampoo again

    My hair was cut from my chin up to a short style almost like Peter Pan. Hope it looks good on a GIRL! My hubby said he was waiting to "see his new husband" when I came home from the salon lol. Poor guy hates short hair on girls. OH well it'll grow back

    Wish me luck everyone!!!:eek:
  2. i think the last person to post should be banned they dont even have any regular post just seems like a scam lol
  3. I wonder if she passed lol.
  4. She passed, as have many others...
  5. ok. So I have to do the dreaded hair test. I have an interview today but not sure if they do the test now or not. I'm gonna be prepared tho. I am doing the Macujo method. First, I went to Sally Beauty Supply and bought Ion purifying shampoo...did this every day for the last 3 days. Today, I put in the white vinegar(20 min) added clean & clear astringent(20more min) then added tide liquid. Scrubbed til my arms were tired. Washed it all out. Let it dry. Dyed my hair with Clairol.  I'll let you all know what happens.

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