How to Pass Oral Drug Exam?

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  1. Okay, so I recently got laid off by Citi Bank NA. I worked as a debt collector, (job sucked badly) I got caught with a cellphone on the floor and they fired me for it. Been working at that place well over a year and TOTALLY did not see that coming. As a young adult I learned a hard lesson about the real world that day - no company or person really gives a hoot about you and you are disposable at an instant. Now I managed to snag an opportunity at an Amazon center here in my town.

    During my time of not being employed I have recently been smoking weed, I would have to admit I am a frequent smoker of cannabis. It just sucks, I guess getting fired really put a lot of stress on me and the only way I knew how to deal with it was to turn to a substance (not healthy, I know - this was a cut and edit from another forum I was asking - obviously everyone on this forum is really passionate about weed lol - including me).

    I have passed several drug tests in my day, I used synthetic pee to pass every drug test I have done (which was about 4 jobs) quick shout out to Quick Fix - awesome product. I have never done the swab though - or spit test is what they do I believe from what I been reading. Today is 6/29/17 and my drug test is on 7/06/17 if my research is true for Amazons process. I hear they do an advance blue dot swab or spit strip by Quest Labs and is actually administered by lab techs - guess Amazon does not fool around with this stage in their hiring process.

    Apparently the oral swabs are much more efficient now days and are harder to pass. This is really the biggest stress factor for me, I don't want to invest all this time and commitment to this occupation if I just end up failing the test and walking out with nothing and having to pursue other leads. Not only that its a pretty gig and has benefits which I so desperately need, I had to pay out of pocket at the dentist for this bum tooth I have and they charged me a quarter of my soul for it.

    (being a young adult sucks sometimes)

    Basically I really need this job, the last time I smoked was on 6/28/17, honestly I would of stopped much SOONER if I had just known. The first step is obvious......obviously DONT SMOKE anything until the drug test is over - DUH LOL.

    Wondering if anyone has an tips and advice on how I can go about this or even products that could be recommended that doesn't cost an arm and leg. Anything will help.

    Thank you for reading and helping, god bless.
  2. My tip is to not smoke pot when you're job hunting
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  3. Mouth wash before the test.

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