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How to pass hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by davidpeters302, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. What is a hair drug test? Is there a way on how to pass hair follicle drug test?
    Can I Pass a Hair Drug Test? How? Is it possible to pass a drug test?

  2. This is not the place for this kind of bullshit man there's a million places with this info but you choose indoor cultivation to ask Fml

    Ultra swim for swimmers works every time have about a 5 hr window
  3. Shave ur fuckin head and wash off in gasoline
  4. They take samples from every where your arms legs
  5. This is a test that determines if you have taken drugs. It is almost impossible to pass a hair drug test, but you can use special shampoos. Yes, the 100% way to do it would be to shave off all your hair and regrow it. Hair strands can tell the tester if you have taken drugs anytime in the pas three months.

    Yes, The only way to be sure is to shave or wax your hair and let it grow again, since hair drug tests can show you drug use for up to 3 months before. You can get more referal http://www.synergydetox.com/Pass-A-Hair-Follicle-Drug-Test-articles.html
  6. Hey All, I F#@$king PASSED MY HAIR TEST!!!! After years of use of weed and cocaine! HAIR RAZOR WORKS!!!!! It is not a shampoo, but a chemical treatment you need 1/2 hour to do.
    Here is how:
    1)GET CLEAN IMMIDIATELY!!! Stay off all of it! Drink if you have to. They only take breathalyzer if anything.
    2) Guys (I am a guy) cut hair to NO SHORTER than 1/2 inch or they start digging around. This gets rid of all infected hair.
        Gals you can leave hair long, just follow instructions. Only 1 and 1/2 inches can be tested by Federal Law treat only 2 inches at most to be safe. Fedeal Law says they can only test 1 1/2 inches or 90 days back!! Get home piss test to see if you are clean and your hair is growing infected hair.
    *Note: if your system is clean, all subsequent hair grown is clean, only old hair is infected. Don't use before test. 
    3) Goto Hair Razor website and fill out info to the people there DO NOT LIE and answer all questions about past use hair type body weight, etc.
    They will then email you back with how much you need. Cost for double supply about 40 treatments is $125. I needed 80 treatments so $250.
    I implore you to NOT take the B.S. vinegar, astringent, Tide method. I tested my hair with this method with HairConfirm home test and failed MISERABLY. 
    I hadn't the time to test my hair again, so I had to gut out the test for my new job. PASSED!!!
    I have no affiliation with Hair Razor. Read the testimonials on their site. 
    *Cocaine users need to do a few more steps $8 worth of 30 Vol. developer and Quick white and a bleach and recolor to a shade darker than normal hair.
    I just got a $20k/year raise at this new job!
    This is our ONLY hope!!

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