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How to pass Drug Test within 24hours?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ash Trayz, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. I have a Drug Test Monday and last time I smoked was today. I need a way to pass this test please, any advice?

    I am going to the vitamin shop tommorow and going to be buying something to hopefully flush out my system.

    140lbs or less.
    Skinny / Not Muscular.
    No frequent excersie.
    Date of Test - 2 days after post, (monday)
    Last time Smoked - Today, time of post.
    Frequency of Smoking - Smoked a half ounce in or more in 48 hours.
  2. when did you find out that you had this drug test?

    did you smoke today knowing that you had a test in two days?
  3. Im taking it monday, and no I did not know nothing about this.

    I had applied for a job, and was smoking until than when the manager called me. I didn't think she would call back so soon, this is all un expected. Been doing a little research, I have a pretty fast metabolism. Going to be drinking lots of water some cargo, and tommorow hitting up GMC and seeing what they got there to help me out.

    I think I got this, don't know will post results when the test comes.
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  4. If you really want this job dont use your own urine. Make it happen that's the price you pay when you wanna smoke and work.
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  5. No way you'll be clean. And most likely wont be able to mask it without diluting. Synthetic or someone that you have confidence in.
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  6. Sup guys, just came here to post that I passed the drug test and got the job.
    Yes I did use my own pee. I have already been working for a couple days.

    For whom may concern -
    140lbs or less.
    Skinny / Not Muscular.
    No frequent excersie.
    Date of Test - 2 days after post, (monday)
    Last time Smoked - 3/5/2016
    Frequency of Smoking - Smoked a half ounce in or more in 48 hours.
    Date of DT - 3/7/2016

    All I have to say is... Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I said I was going to pass the Drug Test, and I did.

    With Condifence Comes Success - DJ Khaled.
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  7. Can you please tell me if you bought any thing from GMC or wherever? I am in the exact same situation.

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  8. Sorry for the late reply, but the answer is simple.

    All you need to do is to make the THC metabolites not go out through Urine.
    The key to that is Fiber.

    Do your own research, but Fiber moves THC metabolites and some other toxins to stool instead of bladder.

    So all I did was take 8 colon cleanse pills, which had alot of fiber in it.
    These are the ones that I took - Sanar Naturals Colon Cleanser 2002

    Than I took a packet of Certo Fruit Pectin as well, chugged it down with a glass of water.
    Fruit Pectin is also some natural Fruit Fiber. Just did it to go down with the pills.

    Anyway's I did this 2 hours before my test, and instantly started drinking alot of water flushing my system and peeing. I pee'd at my house a couple times. And pee'd 2 times right at the clinic right before my test to make sure there there was no old THC metabolites stuck in my bladder.

    Throughout all this time I was drinking water non stop, I wasn't chugging it just drinking it at a comfortable paste.
  9. Buy some quick fix plus (might not make it by Monday if you order online, look for the cool "tobacco" shops, unless you live in Oregon. If you live in Oregon, don't bother with quick fix.
  10. Or this, I was thinking about doing this in my situation. But it was too late when I thought about doing it. For my case.

    Also, the most simplist and best way for now that I know of as well in 2016. Is using someone elses urine.

    If you manage to get urine of the same sex, and can find a way to sneak it in. All you have to worry about it keeping it at your same body temperature and you are good.

    I just had to do my method since that was what I found best for my situation.
  11. Did all that colon cleanse make You poop a lot?
  12. Not really, I pooped a few times. May be different for me since I very low body fat%.
    But it did make me poop a bit.

    But not anything severe or unusual.

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