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How to pass a piss test

Discussion in 'General' started by bjpeterson420, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. Ok I only tried this with weed.

    You need about 3 dollars.
    Goto your local store and ask a person if they can show you where SureGel is. Make sure its not fruit kind(Its a yellow box like pudding) Buy it
    Then like 1hr before you take a piss test mix all the powder with a lot of water.
    Put it in the mircowave for about 30 seconds.
    Stir it so theres no chunks in it or you will gag.
    Drink it all at once.
    After you drink it you gota piss 2 times. Then the 3rd piss is the one for the piss test.
    After you drink the SureGel DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING WITH SUGAR IN IT! or you will fail
    Your piss will come up scott free.
    (You will know if it worked when your piss is a clear whitish color)
  2. been there done that, didn't work... NEXT!
  3. You did something wrong. It works for me every time.
  4. First post! Let's make it a good informative non-noobish one.

    Just adding to your SureGel comment...
    Here you will find a very interesting informative about urinary analysis. Personally, back when my parents use to give me random UAs, I would always just add some warm water to the cup to dilute it. That worked for the first 4 times, thank god because I was stupid and ended up smoking while on probation, but the fifth time I either did not make the water hot enough or didn't put enough and it didn't work. One time, back when I was a beginner and stupid, I had heard the rumor about drinking bleach... I came home from the carnival semi-stoned and my mom said she was gunna go buy a UA. I went into a panic and put like half a cap full of bleach into a glass of orange juice, and viola. Burnt like no other and my stomach hurt for days but it worked; I do not recommend this at all. Along the same lines, if you get bleach in crystal form, you can do as the guide says and hide some under your fingernails and either drop them in the cup discretely or just piss on your fingernail and hope that works. Haven't done that one.

    Sorry, that was too funny. I was in diversion for 16 weeks. Wanna know how I passed all my piss tests? I stopped smoking pot, and guess what? It's not that hard!
  6. yeah my brothers told me about sure jell they said mix it with a gal water drink it night before you should be fine plus he is on prohbation so its worked so far
  7. Dude no one should drink bleach. That will tear you up and it can kill you
  8. ^^^^ Right there
  9. There are 8 posts, including mine, and 8998 views. Wow. But was bumping a thread this old that worth it.

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