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How to pass a home drug test

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blitzkriegbop92, May 27, 2006.

  1. My parents were home drug testing for awhile and i couldnt smoke as often as i would have liked. Well anyway i just had enough and refused to take them and im grounded untill a take one and keep on taking them weekly. Can someone tell me a way to pass a home drug test.
  2. One drop of bleach in the urine deposit hole if its the ones im thinking of. Guranteed to pass and outsmart your parents. If its the really good $80+ ones (its not) then that wont work. If its the ones that cost like 2.50$ like my friend had then bleach works.
  3. I am so glad my parents aren't Nazi's...
  4. if you are 18 (as you should be if you're posting here, but you're probably not).. I really don't understand why you would take shit from your parents any longer. if your not smoking it in their house it shouldnt be a problem
  5. amen.
  6. Thats true peaceful, but if your living with your parents, you still are technacally in their house, therefore you MUST abide by their rules while living there.
  7. Use warm water. The home-drug test don't even check for nothing but THC. People will probably bitch and say it won't work because it will be clear and not smell like piss, well f.y.i. your piss is supposed to clear. If you drink as much water as you should (8 8 0z. glasses) then your piss will look just about like water. If you get 'nizzoid or something just put in some yellow food coloring. Actually, when my 'rents threw monthly home drug tests at me I just waited till I was clean then pissed in a shampoo bottle and kept it in the bathroom so when I had to take a test I just said I was gonna take a shower and I used the warm water to heat up the cup. Anyway, hope everything works out well.

    jah bless
  8. Take vitamin B-12 supplements to make your urine yellow.
  9. Clean Friend + $5 bill = easy pass for drug test

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