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How to Pass a Drug Test (SAFELY)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by chriskw, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I had completely regarded using a synthetic pee with all of GOOD results. I am reading a bunch of things letting me know this may not work for me any longer. I am 45, bought a 10.00 sack two weeks ago and smoked a half a joint last night. No not even hydro or half that good. Peeing one week from today for a job application. I will have all this week to clean. I do not work out much and on the hefty side.
  2. I'm testing for the courts. I was once a week, but now I'm twice a month. They check for any rise in your nanogram count. Basically if there is 20ng left in me, and it went up 2ng, It would be considered a positive test. I had to harvest three plants and handle drying/curing buds so hopefully I don't get "that letter" in the mail. I wore gloves and doubt much could be absorbed into the bloodsteam, but like I said "any" rise in a number this long (.000000001) means I added MJ into my body. From what I learned, there is no real good way to get over on these tests. Pre-employment tests can be a simpler test. Dilution works, but most tests will look for creatinine levels. Maybe use a weight gain product with that in it, and a vitamin to add yellow to your piss. I'm just going clean for a year, cuz It's not worth doing jail time after all I've been through and paid out.
  3. So what is MJ?
  4. Mary Jane, Marijuana, ganja, spliff, dope, doobie, grass, etc. lol
  5. Ahhhh, got you!
    Well I used synthetic piss for years and it worked. Yet here it is a couple years later and it sounds like the labs have gotten smarter and may make it harder to use these??
    I am guessing I will try the method listed to submit. Wondering if absense of the second kidney may help me? I only have one, born like that
  6. I will have to do a UA, maybe a hair follicle I don't know. I found this info on line;

    Will activated charcoal help rid your body of THC

    Will activated charcoal help rid your body of THC?

    Activated charcoal is a porous material with a large surface area that is ideal for stripping undesired compounds from your body. It however can not be used as a masking agent or an instant detox agent, because removal of enough THC to pass a urine style drug test normally takes 4-7 days. (Assuming normal body weight) This supplement is taken after every meal will plenty of water up to 4 times daily. I have found that taking activated charcoal in regular doses before I purge my body helps lower the time to remove all THC. This method has worked for me on numerous occasions. I recommend taking 4 pills with each meal for 5 days with atleast 6-8 glasses of water a day. I have also found that a glass of cranberry juice, which is recommended for kidney and urinary track infections by doctors also aids the process. Also before I take a drug test for a nice job, I go ahead and spend the 12 dollars at the local drug store to buy a home THC test. Happy Smoking!

    The only thing I can say about this is I have been using this about every other day. Yesterday I took 2 of the tabs around 3 PM. About 11 PM I had a sudden urge come out of nowhere to got take a sit, or have a seat whichever. It was a MESS! My GI was clean. Don't know about a drug test, but it can't hurt.

    I haven't smoked in over a week and before that only used a one-hitter taking one hit. Did 2 hits one time. Didn't smoke everyday either. Hope I can pass. If I do I wil have piss for sale for $6.00 + s/h for 8oz of. LOL jk.
  7. Your best bet for a hair test is to get a hair cut. Get it cut very short - hair tests have an extended window for detection, the further from the follicle you look, the longer ago you smoked.

    As for a UA, just use a dilution method.

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