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How To Pass A Drug Test Guarentee (no Bull)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Krn7iger, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. *This is not a half assed theory but test conducted by me, through many trials, and there is no products i am advertising and it will take patience because its crucial i write the details in order to make it credible*

    Now, I am a pot enthusiast myself, and i believe that not all "pot-heads" smoke themselves stupid and are quite capable of higher thinking. There are too many uncertainties when it comes to drug testing and often people cant give precise answers because of varying factors :weight, metabolism, frequency of ingestion and such. I have conducted this test and this is proven, for people with weights from 150-220lbs, with moderate metabolism.

    First off, do not expect to pass a test while ur smokin like a chimney until a week before drug test . For this example, the least amount of time for guarantee is 2 weeks. Also, one of the important factor is Sauna, and i know many people do not have access to them right off the bat, but it is imperative that you go to a local fitness or anywhere with sauna for just 10 days.

    Just to be safe I did my test in 2 and half weeks, and I have done 4 trials. I smoked for a month straight, about a gram a day. Now my body is overflowing with THC and would certainly show up on any drug test.

    Even though its hard, you must not smoke ANY amount of weed during this time, and for the first week and half, you must commit yourself to running 1.5 miles a day, within 18 minutes. after runnign the 1.5 miles, rest for 15 minutes . Then go to sauna, stay in for 10 minutes, take a cold shower, go back in for a second time for another 10 minutes. People say sauna do not help you get rid of THC, but those are fools and this is why. Running 1.5 miles for 18 minutes will burn fat, releasing THC into your blood streams to later go in your urine. Sauna's heat will cause ur body temperature to rise and your body circulates your blood faster inorder to cool your body down (you can feel noticable change in your heartrate). the sweat will take out the water as well as salt and other contaminants in your body, and because your body lacks water after u sweat alot, drinking water will replenish the lost water in your cells, allowing you to refresh your fat cells with new waters and thus allowing THC to be out of ur body quicker. For the first 3-4 days or so, you will see shits come out of ur urine like uve never seen before ( in my case the urine was yellow as shit and was CLOUDY) also during this time, try to cut down amount of fat your eating, because you do not want to create a new layer of fat that prevents you from burning the fat cells with THC.

    After a week- week and half of excersing like this everyday and hitting the sauna, you must STOP (yes its a relief) doing exercises alltogether. You already have much lower amount of THC in your body, and now you must fatten up, so eat up some fatty foods for a week and be happy and jolly. Eat alot of grapes and cranberry juice, because they are diuretics, allowing you to piss more often. the new layer of clean fat will allow you to have piss with lower THC content, and now you knwo the rest.

    on the day of the test, 4 hours before, drink like youve never drank before and piss 3-4 times just to be safe. your piss is going to be diluted so eat multivitamin with vitamin B the night before, and eat alot of meat (to level your creatine theshhold).

    be confident, and pass that shit like you never smoked in your life.
    Ive passed all four times :) and yes theres no miracle involved, its hard work and dedication that pays off. sure some people get lucky and pass but i think people here want certainty and this will do it. Good luck to all of you guys
  2. Dude i passed a drug test by sitting on my ass for less than two weeks. I didnt need to exercise or drink an assload of water.

  3. I know of cases where people did just sit and not smoke for less than two weeks and pass the drug test. however there are sometimes more at risk like getting a high paying job and such and their treshhold level for THC is lower than conventional hometest. You can do it your way but im saying this will guarentee it (also im sure u have a high metabolism rate and had less THC in your body to begin with)

    notice I said I smoked EVERYDAY for 1 month, and i did this to show people that no matter how long you've been smoking, you can pass it because depending on how much fat you have it does last in your body past a month. you pass because you just have less THC in your urine but THC stays put in your body for a long ass time.
  4. Psshh, I smoked for over a year straight every day from the second I woke up.

    But i have a fucking awesome metabolism and am kind of light weight. So there ya go :p

    edit: and i passed another drug test in 6 days taking an assload of niacin everyday. i was RED.
  5. Cadone, was it a urine test? And was it done at a lab? If you have it done at a lab then you might want to follow Krn7iger's steps, because usually the lab is really accurate.

    And just a warning, be carefull with Niacin, a lot of pot smokers are OD'ing on Niacin to pass their drug test, and it's actually very dangerouse to take high levels of Niacin, so be careful with that.

    link about od'ing on niacin: http://blog.wired.com/wiredscience/2007/10/morons-overdose.html
    (Krn7iger you should also include this in your post as a warning) :)
  6. I've only been drug tested once and I took it after a week and a half of not smoking. I first off drank a shit ton of water (obviously) and then the day of the test I got a 2 liter bottle of water, and mixed in a whole pack of pectin (the stuff they use to make fruit into jam). Drink the whole thing down and piss twice before test. Then take the test and make sure to take the sample mid stream (start pissing, wait, take sample, stop). This method doesnt get the chemicals out of your system but pours all new, legal ones in so as to mask the others.
  7. Its true and the reason i even wrote this thread was to diffuse all the MYTHs (and yes they are myths) everyone believes to get rid of THC.

    These are products that do NOT help

    GoldenSeal (now they have tests just to see if you ate this useless shit)
    Niacin (it does help during exercise so eat 100mg or 200mg no more)
    now niacin will make you flush, and flushing does NOT mean it flushes shit out ur body but it means it will flush ur skin making them red.
    Q-carbo- if you are rich and you got 55 bux lyring around for you to burn, this is the product for you. Almost exactly same as taking 55 bux and throwing it in a bonfire.

    now seriously only TIME and EXERCISE and HARDWORK will get rid of your body of THC. Dont let these sly companies to take money that u should be spending on weed right out of your pocket and leave you dumfounded when you find yourself failing a drug test.
  8. Yeah, it was a drug test from a drug rehab facility.

    Im not saying to do it my way, it just worked for me.
  9. You see, I smoked for a month straight because once you get to a certain level, your body no longer gets higher concentration of thc. That certain level is different from person to person, and depending on if you gained wieght during your smoking (new fats of course can hold more THC,thus making it harder to take THC out of your body) so the person up there who smoked for a year, it really dosent mean u have more THC in your body unless you gained like 20 pounds. Your body constantly takes THC out of your body, and the more you have, the more it takes out. as i said, once you get to a certain level it dosent easily increase.
  10. I'll be nice and just say first there is no gaurenteed way to pass a drug test- all results are based on the individual.

    Secondly- nothing you mentioned is anything new (not being rude).

    And lastly- your urine was probably so yellow because you were dehydrated (sauna, running). I highly doubt that your urine was yellow because you were expelling a high amount of THC- but I am not a doctor and have no medical training so thats just my opinion on the matter.
  11. why do you have to sit in a sauna for 10 mins then take a cold shower then hit it for another 10 mins? couldnt i just run 1.5 miles on a tredmill at the gym under the required amount of time... then hit the sauna for 30mis-1 hour work too? or run the 1.5 hit the sauna for 30mins then run another 1 mile then another 30 mins in the sauna? i dont want to shower between the 2 because the showers the gym i attend dont work and are kind of nasty...
  12. trying this method and started Sunday gonna go for a week and piss a home test. I'm 140 5'7 less then 17% body fat. started by gallon of water a day, with 4 500mg cranberry concentrate and 2 B12 250mcg. smoked 9 blunts roughly 2g a piece weekend prior. Planning on takin the test on friday. update with results come Friday if i pass celebrate with a few pack of sweets

  13. I guess you didn't pass???
  14. so much broscience... eating fat doesn't make you gain fat. eating at a caloric surplus makes you gain weight (fat if you don't work out).
  15. I found this site while trying to find out if niacin works to clean out for a UA.
    I have a UA for a job on 5/17 but I last smoked on 4/29.
    I can maybe push it back to 5/20.
    Is there anything I can do in a day and a half to maybe ensure I pass?
    It will be a lab test and that has me kind of concerned.
  16. Man, everyone keeps trying to tell this dude he's wrong. Lol.  He's 100% right.  If you want a guarantee, do it his way.  I've done many hours of research on this because of being arrested.  Depending on the person, it can take anywhere from 6 hours to 30 days for THC to naturally be excreted from the body.  There is NO magic pill that will work.  There's TWO options you have.  You can choose to either dilute your piss, or to get all the THC out of your body.  Diluting your piss can be done on short notice, and is a huge pain in the ass.  Getting the THC out of your body is much easier, just takes preparation.  Like I said, there is NO magic pill that will help.  You can only speed up your body's natural excretion processes (sweating, urinating, and good ol' BM's).  Cardio will help you burn fat, and going into a sauna (preferably a steam room) will aid in speeding up the excretion process.  Sweating is the fastest way for the body to get toxins out of the body.  Niacin helps in opening up the body's capillaries to allow faster excretion.  Drinking water or juice helps because if you aren't hydrated, your body can't excrete properly.  Krn7iger's strategy includes both methods, almost guaranteeing results.  I personally have never tried diluting my piss, because I'd rather not smoke for a week or so than to have chug water like a fish and be stuck in the bathroom.  I smoke much more than the average person, sometimes up to an 8th a day, and I was naturally clean (without taking any special supplements, diluting, or excercising) in a week and a half.  I am 150lbs, 5'6, with a moderate metabolism.  I have a court date tomorrow, and may be piss tested, but this time, I'm trying to get clean in under a week.  I smoked heavily up until Sunday.  Since then, I have taken Adderall to increase my metabolism (stopped few days ago so it wont show on my test), worked out and did cardio almost everyday, I've been taking 250mg niacin everyday along with 500mg every night before I go to sleep with some water, drinking only water/juice, and have been sitting in the steam room for 10-15min every time I work out.  I have also only had about 3g of fat in a week to prevent new fat buildup.  Remember, they don't test for THC, they test for THC metabolites.  So theoretically, you could have thc stored in your fat cells, put a layer of new fat on, dilute your piss and pass with flying colors.  My charges are kind of serious, I don't want to risk 3-6yrs in state prison.  I will be testing later today with a home test (like i do everytime) to make sure.  Will let you guys know how it went.  
  17. Krn7iger and Portlandlights are on the money. I'd like to add something:
    Don't forget that most metabolites are eliminated by pooping. As we know, THC is stored in fat cells, then released as metabolites into the bloodstream and removed by kidneys/liver. The substances we take are to accelerate the process. Fat passing through the digestive system also absorbs and eliminates. In a fat burning stage, this is crucial. Olive oil and coconut oil are fantastic options. A very effective liver cleans: before eating or drinking after waking, half a mug of hot water, 1/2 to whole lemon, 2-3 tbsp olive oil, drink. This will get that THC on the move. Another thing critically overlooked in these debates is FIBER! This is why vegetables prevent disease. They carry the metabolites of toxins from the body. Cranberry/pickle/lemon juices and vinegar are acidic. They are fat cleansers. Fat and fiber clean the blood. Exercize, sauna, fat, fiber, liquids, AMEN.
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    B vitamin, creatine and water for pre-test preparation.
  19. Hi I'm wondering if I could get weed out my system within 10-14 days.

    My situation is I smoked weed over a 3 day period 5 days ago I only smoked (1g no more)

    Prior to this I had been clean for 60 days

    How long will this take to get out my system for a urine test?

    Some details
    25 years old
    180 pounds
    Physically fit
    Swim sauna 3-4 times a week(50 lengths and between 30-45 mins sauna)
    Train and play football 3 times a week
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    Hi I am new to the forum. I created an account just to comment on this thread to explain how this method worked for me. 
    I am a HEAVY user, bongs, joints, blunts etc. at the very least once a day for years. I received a new site project (oil & gas) recently, and our client does do random drug testing on site. Not wanting to lose a high paying job i immediately searched for ways to detox/cleanse my system. This thread came up, and it sounded legit so i tried it, I did a few thing differently but the concept is exactly the same. I wanted to be clean before heading up. So I started right away. I ran 1.5 - 2 miles in less than 18 mins and then went into the sauna exactly outlined above. Ate less but healthy to burn fat; lots of dark greens, grapes, shit ton of water/cranberry juice and low fat items. During my cleanse i also took niacin when i woke up, before my workout, and before bed. I did this for 1 week and 2 days before taking an exam (private) in the clinic.I did not wait for a week as outlined above, because my days were limited. on the test date I drank lots of water, and took the sample mid-stream. I was confident, I passed with flying colors. Now i do not have to worry about random tests. I am eating fats to build a new clean layer in my body. 
    Please note that I do sweat a lot which helped with the process significantly and i do have a high metabolism. I just wanted to share because this worked for me. Everyone is different. Best way to get clean is to stop and exercise for months for 100% reliability. 
    Hope this helps anyone in the same situation. 

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