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How to pass a drug hair follicle test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lessonlearnt1959, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Ok so the best answer to this is simple dont do drugs we already know that but if you're unfortunate enough to have to do one of these test I would like to help you pass as much as possible and will share my experience with you to help.

    Background- ok so I had been requested a back dated 12 month drug test for a private child court order. (Basically my ex stopped me seeing my daughter and I had to apply to court) I had used cocaine in the January February March and April of the year. I had smoked cannabis several times during the same months. I then went to court in may and was told I would be tested in 4 weeks time I have long thick brown hair.

    What I did- so full well knowing I had consumed around 5-6 gram over all and about a ounce of weed I knew I needed to pass this test.
    I researched like hell with lots of things like the Jerry g method and the clean and clear and decided to try my own method.

    Firstly I bleached my hair with 40% lightening powder and developer I left this on 40 min washed off and put a semi permanent hair dye over the top. Remember you will need to bleach your hair again and semi permanent makes this easier. I left my hair 2 weeks then rebleached again. This time I put a perminent brown hair dye on top.

    5 days before the test I covered my hair in white vinegar then 2 scoops of vanish oxi action mix into a paste put a plastic bag over my head and left for 30 min. I then rubbed into my hair clearasil bursting beads into my hair (must contain acid) and washed out 10 min later.

    24 hour before I separated my hair from the crown and put no lye jamacian hair relaxer on my hair I left on for 20 min and washed it out this Is the only thing that damages the cortex of the hair so bad it cannot pick up traces of drugs. Think about it if it can straighten course jamacian hair what does it do to thick hair.

    I had the test the next day I washed my hair before and conditioned it blow dried and let them take my hair. They took a massive piece the size of a 50p and the full length of my hair about 1 metre long. I could sit on my hair it was that long. The results come back and I passed.

    I had spent the best part of 4 weeks panicking researching and convincing myself I would fail... I didn't and my friend did this with 24 hour notice using only the no lye relaxer and also passed.

    I have learnt my lesson and no longer use anything but I wanted to share my experience to help other who have made.wromg choices but arnt actually bad people. Hope this helps
  2. that's cool dude. a lot of work too lol.

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