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How to pack a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by laxkush, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Okay well its going to be me and my friends first time smoking this weekend. I bought a dime, so do I just take the weed and pack it down into the bowl or do i have to do anything before hand. sorry for the dumb question
  2. Break it up with your hands, scissors or if by chance you have a grinder (I recommend investing in one). Then simply pack it in the bowl and blast off.

    Enjoy and welcome to the City! :)
  3. The finer ground up the better as it will burn more evenly and have more surface area. Be careful though because the more you grind it up, the easier it burns, so the less effort it will take to take a big hit.

    After you smoke around half or 3/4 you may wanna use your lighter and pack it down a little bit too
  4. Double on the grinder advice if you plan on smoking in the future. Can't say it many other ways but you just break it up into a nice little fluffy pile and place it into the bowl. Do a light tamp down on it and you're ready to go. Have fun and welcome.
  5. Break the dank first, then pack it. Try to pack the bowl even as well...looks better and seems to burn better. Also, dont cram the weed down, just lightly pack it down...if you pack it too hard, itll be too hard to toke off of.
  6. I dont have access to proper paraphernalia (i think thats the correct word haha) so is making an apple bowl my best bet or what would you guys recommend. I cant roll a joint
  7. Definitely, or buy a white owl or other type of blunt wrap.

    A nice little trick I learned (I'm not very good at rolling either) is to shimmy the cigarillo back and forth and let the tobacco fall out (I usually leave a little bit of tobacco at the end to conserve bud), then replace it with weed. It's fairly time consuming but you can pack a ton of weed.
  8. I think there are threads in GC on how to perfect joint rolling, ive used them:laughing:

    Practice makes perfect!
  9. Go to a local store in your area ( wallgreens, whatever ) and they should sell zebrapens..."buy" one of the steel ones. After that, take out the inards and put the tip end into the metal casing and you have a cheapo pipe/bat

    Metal Tip:
    Metal Tube:

    >= <- how you put them together.

    (shitty diagram, but so you get the idea)
  10. alright, thanks for all of the help guys!
  11. Apple pipes are great man.
  12. Am I supposed to put tinfoil at the top part of the apple where the bowl is or just place the weed in the apple?
  13. I personally used tin foil and it worked well every time. I know a lot of people don't suggest it. If you're against it you will wanna get a screen of some sort for it
  14. Get a shot glass n put ur bud in there and snip away with scissors man. Make sure u keep ur hand over the glass so nothing flys out haha.

    What I do is stick a knife in the top of the apple at the core about halfway into the apple and cut the core out. Then halfway down the apple on the side cut another hole to meet the center whole. Then what you can do is take a bit of the cut out apple and cut it really thin and poke small holes in it for a bowl/screen piece in one and then sit this piece on the top over the hole u cut.

    Put the weed on the top screen of the apple. Light and inhale. :D prepare to get nice and toasty xD

    I would recommend against using alfoil/tin foil as it releases poisonous/potentially dangerous chemicals when burnt and u don't want to inhale them :p
  15. Its your first time but i would recommend smoking a bong instead of a joint, so just pack small bowls to start and then when you get a bit more experienced you will be able to pull massive bowls, have fun dude
  16. God gave you hands so you can break up your buds. Pick them apart, remove the seeds (eating them are pretty good too, btw, and they are high in vitamins and nutrients!) And pick out the stems, just throw those on the ground, don't fuck with them. The more you pick it apart the shittier it is going to taste. I like putting little nugs in my bowl, but broken up enough so it burns.
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    It's going to be your first time but your username is laxkush?
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    Maybe he lacks kush

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