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How to pack a bowl with ground weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Captain K, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Ok, so ... I like to grind my weed, so I did so .. and now my weed is like .. powder .. now, how do I pack a bowl of my weed, without it falling through the downstem of my bubbler when I drag on it ?
  2. It should never be powder, your grinding it way too much. Only a few twists. Just pack it down with your thumb to condense it in the bowl, it wont fall through if you pack it down enough.
  3. Okay, thanks.
  4. Ah, had this same problem when I first started. My pipe has a pretty big hole in the bottom of the bowl so when I liked to grind my weed up I would always put a little chunk that would just cover the hole enough so nothing falls through. It should hold up until it starts to burn itself. Also it shouldn't really effect the airflow either unless you completely plug the hole.

    Or go with option b and get a screen at any headshop, they are cheap. Like 5 for a $1 or $2? Also if you don't like the idea of a screen for any reason they have glass screens. They look like little jacks.

  5. This right here. Don't grind it too much or else you just inhale powder and its an uncomfortable feeling which needs a lot of water lol.

    If the condensing trick doesn't work (sometimes I can't always condense my kief or grinds) or sometimes it just doesn't let air get through then just place a little bit of bud over the hole to the tube and pack your powder on top of it or layer it like a sandwich. This prevents the powder from getting in but you can still enjoy your smoke.
  6. If you have any weed left just take a small nug and break it in half. Put the two pieces on the bottom and fill the rest with the grounded up weed.
  7. nah nah yall check this out yo

    Take a left over stem from your bag

    find a piece that is shaped like a Y

    break that piece off and drop it in the hole. crappy diagram


    pack on top of the stem and nothing will fall through
  8. OR

    Go to ur bathroom sink, under the faucet where the water comes out, theres a water filter (screen). Take it out. put it in ur bowl, and wha-la. A filter for ur powdered weed. Now not all houses have screens in there faucet. So u gotta check all sinks. IF U want. Or u can buy some at a head shop or home depot.

  9. ^^^ but this also is a good idea.
  10. just put a bunch of weed in the bowl at once and pack it good. you should be good. just dont full on power suck.

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