How to overcome social anxiety? Scared to go back to work..

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. I always dread going back to work because I have social anxiety, im really quiet and shy and I never smile because my teeth are crooked. I have no self confidence.
    I have just a couple friends and that's it.

    Everyone else is either chill but we aren't close, or complete dickheads who pick on me because they know I'm quiet and wont talk back. I want to just explode and call them out one day, but I think it would be awkward between us after..

    Any tips to avoid being awkward and having social anxiety tomorrow at work? I just want to not be the weird quiet guy anymore...
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  2. Stop caring what people think about you and you will be golden. Not to be confused with not caring about people.
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  3. That's easier said than done.
    I want to not care about what they care about me but its hard when I get called scrawny / stupid.
    I swear Im gonna call one of them out to a fight next time
  4. Others can never know where your boundaries are if you don't demarcate where they are.
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  5. I understand but the more they know it bothers you the more they will do it. Your going to have to have confidence in yourself first. People can tell when someone is socially awkward so you need to stop acting that way first. There is always something's you can do better than the other guy so you need to think of those to help boost you up whatever it may be. Walk in that bitch like your dragging a 10 foot hammer between your legs.
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  6. The "anxiety people" are almost always the "words hurt people". My fiance is like this, and nothing gets under my skin more than shit like this.

    I'm not trying to be a negative nancy here, but really; suck it up, understand you don't have a vagina between your legs & act like a fucking man.
  7. sometimes drugs help
  8. So do you recommend I talk shit back to them? Because I have some real f*cked up comebacks. For example
    "Bro youre like 30 and you lost all your f*cking hair, you sound like a f*cking 13 year old kid."

    Do you think they'll respect me & stop picking on me? Or will I just fuel the fire?!
  9. been there done that. in fact I was much happier when I did em, just chillin with my stoner friends and partying with alcoholics & ecstacy pill poppers after a rave, in fact I threw big parties and had a lot of girls back then, now im just a loser ..... I kinda want to get out the army
  10. No, I recommend you for you to stop being a little bitch & start knocking people out, if it comes to that.

    You're a really bad troll, by the way. Fix your teeth before you talk to me.
  11. This
  12. I'm a very shy awkward person as well, but I keep a straight face and speak when spoken to. One of my co-workers made a comment saying that she always saw me as confident and fearless, and possibly mean lol. Which is far from what I really am.

    If you think about it too much you will project it. Try to think of yourself highly, walk tall and proud. Smile, speak. No one gives a fuck if you have crooked teeth but you. We critique ourselves too much, thinking other people see the same thing, when really that's not the case.

    If someone says something to you, speak up. Say yea fuck off man. If I don't feel like getting into a verbal argument I just brush it off, but if its continuous, I make it known that it's not gonna go down like that anymore.

    You have to stand up for yourself, love yourself, be confident in yourself, because nobody else will do that for you.
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  13. Forget calling them out, just swing, its the Army, who cares?
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  14. Or you can go in with a elbow/head butt to the nose. Then you might not have to fight them for long lol.
  15. Getting pushed around by anonymous people online is a good place to start.
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  16. Exactly. And the truth is, these people arent going to like you anyway, so you have nothing to lose.
  17. Dude you or this man. Check it.......I would go in there and wait for that awkward moment you know is coming......then went does ask the culprit if he is ok because chances are he's either talking about you, to you or just plain staring because he likes you and doesn't want to feel weird because he has balls that never dropped from the belly. The say hey bro does it burn when you shit? Cause it burns when I pee!!!!! Then when he doesn't get it or decides that somehow you've insulted him stay p and say im sorry that came in all wrong. Have you ever sucked a sweeter peter than mine? Or just plain so them.......yo what duh deal is dawg? if all that fails you can just tell them look I have no time for new friends and unless you want to be honest about the splinters in your ass I'm not going to be honest either about my big wooden pecker. The results will be amazing either you gonna get beat up, kick his ass, or laugh your asses off by chances are you'll find out what kind of man you really are simple as that.
  18. Omfg, dude. I thought that I was bad, but why are you having all of these issues?
  19. I would just make an example out of one of them. Preferably one lower on the totem pole but bigger than you. I mean I used to get beat up all the time bro. I kinda liked it after three or four beatings but you know. I ended up just buggin out and that can of whoop ass was the only can I needed to open. Now I walk around bow legged like a cowboy who rode the wrong donkey but he was sorry when he went to the doctors haha joke was on him ayer all.
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