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    I have been growing clones and flowering them in two different rooms, but I've got myself all out of sync.  I'd like some practical thought on getting things in order.  I've graduated from CFLs to this over a couple of years, and I've grown maybe 50ish plants from half a dozen seeds (two of which never germinated), so I do have a clue what I'm doing but I'm still learning!
    Tents and Plants
    Right now I have a main flowering tent, 4'x4' with two 400w HPS lamps.  There's about 10 plants in there of various sizes, over-full really, but at the time I had the choice of flowering them or dumping some, and I couldn't bring myself to dump any.
    I also have a small 2'x2' tent with a 250w hps that I'm using for clones and seedlings.  Right now it has a healthy vegging female bagseed, two small Barneys Farm LSD clones, a small Kera Venice Beach clone, and a Dr Krippling Mango Chutney seedling.
    My flowering tent has two or three weeks before harvest.  I'd be prepared to use it for a quick veg before flipping it back to 12/12 and then I'd like to keep plants moving through it regularly.
    In stock I have 2 Venice Beach seeds and I think 3 or 4 Mango Chutney seeds, and I want to keep the LSD line going (it's about 18 months old and going strong).  They're all 60-70 days flowering, basically.
    I use soil and I have a mismatch of pots, various 0.7L ( about 0.2 gal) for small plants, a couple of 1L pots, maybe half a dozen 1 gallon pots, and a couple of 2-3 gallon pots.  I also have a grow sack I've used for older, larger plants, like 8+ gallons., and a dozen small 1 inch pots for clones and seedlings.  I've been looking in to buying a set of new pots to replace this lot, but I can't decide what I need.
    What I would like to do is get a routine going so I can know where I stand and regularly start new plants and harvest them every 3-4 weeks.  I need to keep the LSD growing and harvest at least 1.5 oz per month on average of that regularly although 4-5oz every 7-8 weeks would be okay.  The rest, I'd like to keep the Mango Chutney going and maybe have that as a main crop, but I could lose the Venice Beach, and I'll occasionally buy new seeds to try as replacements.
    I have the option to use CFLs in a cupboard to make a specific space for cuttings as well as the tents.
    So any thoughts on strategy?  I know generally what I need to do but actually implementing something effective that I can stick to is also a challenge.
    Any thoughts?


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