How to order online if you live with parents

Discussion in 'General' started by beastdude, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Hey guys i'm a senior in high school and live with my parents. Anyway, theres a lot of tite stuff I wanna buy off this site, however, my parents are not aware that I smoke and i do not intend to tell them. Do any of yall know a way to get somethingo off thise site (such as a hooka) where it won't be found by my parents?
  2. do your parents open your mail?
  3. ha, im in almost the exact same bind. the only solution i can think of is simply to have it go to someone elses house( someone who doesnt have parents oppening and asking what shit is).
  4. i really don't have to worry bout people in my mail, but my high tymes comes in a cool stealthy package, its just cool. Tell them you r expacting a package and not to open it, I mean you r a senior in high school so you should have some privacy. JOE>
  5. just get it sent to a buddies house who lives alone, or to your work :)
  6. Yup... That works too^^^. JOE>
  7. yeah, like telling your parents not to open will work, sounds like a good way to make them suspicious as hell. why not just asking them to sit outside for a couple of minutes and when they come back in, not to pay to much attention to the smell.
  8. Ooo it smells like potpouri !!
  9. i get all my shit shipped to a friends house, or i look at my moms work schedule and try to order it so that when it comes in, she works late.
  10. I get stuff shipped to my friends house. He usually gets the mail before his mom can, and if he does I have "John C/O Billy" on the package so she knows it's not his. He tells her I have a PO Box and can't have larger packages shipped there.
  11. well, when i had weed sent to me, i just went home during lunch and got it
  12. use a gift card with visa on it as the cc unless u have 1 already, and send it to a local ups store. u just tell them you are expecting a package addressed to __________ and that it will arrive _____________. u just pick it up when it gets there
  13. Order... but apply the shipping address to that of a homie. If you're really a senior, I know you gotta couple homies that are off on there own or don't care if they get it for you.
  14. Dude, i'm in the exact same boat, but a little worse! I could easily get the stuff sent to a buddies house.. There is a small problem of my mom working at the bank that my credit card is through.. And she checks my account everday like i do.. She oversees my account through hers, so when she looks at hers, she can see what i bought! Meaning, that i'm not worried about it getting here, i'm worried about my bankstatement saying i bought something from ""... Is that what it says? Does the name they put on my statement obviously have something to do with weed or what?? :confused: I'm not risking it.. i dont know what to do.. i guess i'll just give someone else the money and have them buy it for me.. We'll see.. later! :wave:

    -Eric :bongin:
  15. That's exactly what I was thinking, great idea.
  16. if you buy it off of *No posting, competitor links* it shows up as "URT1 Limited" :D

    hope this helps
  17. Do they just drop it off or put it in your mailbox? Do they have you sign anything?
  18. Go out and buy a pre-paid credit card

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