How to open the stash compartment in Magnetic No.1 grinder?

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  1. I got my Magnetic No.1 grinder from Amazon today and I have no idea how to get access to the stash compartment in one of two parts of the grinder... Does anyone know how to do it? :confused:

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  2. Hey mate Great grinder i've got the same one ! lol. Its amazing :) to open the stash lid just stick your finger around the edges and pull on the top lid :) Hope this helps :) i got mine now , infront of me holding my smelly welly white widow!:p
  3. I don't know why I can't open it... Is doesn't seem to move at all. Is there any chance you could post a picture showing how to do it? :rolleyes:
  4. i cant post pics mate as have no camera to hand , um , ill try and explain better.....On the top there is a lined pattern that follows the circumference of the top of the grinder , then above that, is a little bit of a under hang , where you can stick your nail in then twist and pull:)
  5. Hope this might help :) shitty diagram used paint!

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  6. Ah, thanks a lot, I got it. :yay: By the way, do you store your weed in that compartment?
  7. haha YAY! lol yes i do:) works a treat ! :) Keeps my herbs smelling stanky and fresh after grinding :) Glad i helped you to get it to work , i take mine everywhere , so worth the money , and it grinds great :)
  8. Yeah, I got mine from Amazon for one pound, so it's well worth the money. :smoke:
  9. Bargin , btw i take it your from the uk yeah?
  10. Yeah, I live in England.
  11. Just wanted to see what your thoughts were on the cannabis situation here atm so many dealers charge such high prices its ridiculous no wonder why people do it themselves! So whats it liek you way is it the same deal no doubt , and contaminated shite is popular aswell! one reason why i dislike the uk lol.
  12. Yeah, I have to agree. I don't know much about cannabis and I just started to smoke a while ago, but no doubt it could be better. However I met a new guy who sold me quite a lot for ten quid, so it's not that bad if you look around. :bongin:

  13. When I first started blazing I was lucky and got all my brothers connects, made some of my own and now the only dealers I pick up off its 1g minimum for a tenner and always dank, fresh bud. I ran into a few selling the shit your going on about but I have a few(10ish) dealers all round manchester and its similar deals just have to sift through all the shitters mate, trust me good bud and good prices are out there, just takes a bit of looking :)
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    Holy hell I had no idea that existed thanks mate.
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    Lol do you see the ridged edge around the container? That where the bottom compartment screws off. Be careful not to spill your stash.
    Anyone that cant open a grinder should not be smoking weed lol just kidding.

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