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how to on homemade vaporizers???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dreadhead718, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. can some one make one with pics and if possible a vid?
  2. I use a light bulb. FOLLOW MY DIRECTIONS THOUGH.
    sorry no pics, my camera broke.

    Light bulb
    Sea/Rock Salt
    Hammer + nail
    Paper towel

    1. Get a light bulb, the regular ones, not to big, not to small.
    2. Get some sea salt (big crystals, not the small table salt).
    3. Hammer out the inside of the part u screw in (the black stuff, leave the metal there)
    also be careful, and be gentle, it breaks easily, we use a hammer and a nail.
    4. After you get ALL the black stuff out, pour the salt in so its like 1/5 of the way full.
    5. Cover the top, and shake for a minute (until the light bulb is COMPLETELY CLEAR)
    6. Empty the salt out, and all the white shit and wash it out several times. (if the white stuff from the light bulb gets on your skin, WASH IT OFF, shit burns if you rub your eyes.)
    7. After its completely clean and dry, put the weed in (don't need a lot, a couple small nugs at a time)
    8. Hold it from the top (the metal part) Seal the top with your finger, light the weed through the light bulb(it will take a couple seconds to start burning).
    9. Inhale and enjoy.
    10. After u clear it out and want to light it again, rub off the black ash that forms where u light it.

    - Make sure shake off all the white stuff in the light bulb, its really bad for you if you smoke it.
    - Not a lot of weed is needed, between me and my friend we use no more than .5 of a gram, and we both get pretty nice.
    - You won't exhale to much smoke, and it won't reek as much.
    - DON'T touch the light bulb, after a while it gets really hot, can't tell you how many times I've basically burned myself...

    once again sorry if its a little confusing, and no pics.
  3. so can u skip the salt part if you just buy a clear bulb?
  4. yeah, i'd wash that shit out anyway though.

  5. lmfao i never thought of that
  6. So..does this mean you can make one from a clear vase and put ice in middle to cool down the smoke?
  7. I have made one of these before and have da buddha vape and have to say the light bulb vape is nothing like a real vape and it usually just burns the weed. Just save some money from your paychecks and buy a nice $100-$200 vape it is well worth your money
  8. yeah man nuthin like a real vape, but for like 2 bucks, a lightbulb is waaaay worth it.
  9. Light bulb vapes suck. The only good homemade vape I've smoked out of was made from a car cigarette lighter connected to a rheostat to control the temperature.

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