How-To on cleaning your bong

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  1. Just made this quick video to show you how to easily clean your glass!
    this was my first time making a video so nothing special, let me know what you think and hope this helps people keep their glass clean!

    clean glass is happy glass :smoke::hello:

    [ame=]How to clean your bong - fast and easy - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Great video. I wish it was in a panoramic view but it still shows what needs to be shown.
  3. Why does yours work so magically! :eek:
    my needs major scrubbing in addition to your tutorial.... :(

    Non the less, great tut! :smoking:

  4. what are you using for alcohol?
  5. Never works that well for me... shoot.

    Also.. Yea... turn the camera the other way next time. Thats totally my pet peeve with smartphone video.
  6. i've never seemed to have problems, maybe if the resin was super caked on there it might take some time. But once you clean it good just keep it in good shape :smoke:

    and yeah sorry about video, i'll be making more and won't make that mistake again!
  7. I've used the same method with my illadelph straight tube which is harder to work with and it cleaned it just as well even after it was as dirty as it has ever been.
  8. keep em' clean :)
  9. You guys should try going a more organic route for your health. I use all-natural d-Limonene(orange oil) for all of my cleaning needs. It even works on my grinder!
    The best price I could find was on so I order fro them, but feel free to look around.

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